Phillies and Eagles Taking Technology To Another Level

Our two major league pro sports teams have done some MAJOR renovations to their stadiums in order to entice us to come to the ballpark and to lower their carbon footprint.  The Eagles and the Phillies both renovated their stadiums in the past year or at least plan on changing up their stadiums in order to better provide a quality entertainment and in a practical sense lower electric bills as well.

Phillies fans will get to watch live game action on a new 76-by-97-foot LED high-def scoreboard in left field. The old scoreboard, which was installed for Citizen Bank Park’s 2004 debut, has been relocated to the Phils’ spring training facility in Clearwater, Florida. The team partnered with Daktronics and Sony Electronics’ System Solutions Group on the new 84,000-square-foot ‘board, whose 2.9 million pixels dwarfs the former scoreboard’s 459,000-pixel display.


Fans get to view one of the clearest scoreboards in the world. Its HD-15 display and 1,512 lines of resolution surpass that of the standard for 1080p HD video boards, and its LED technology allows it to show up to 144 quadrillion shades of color.


Citizens Bank Park’s in-house video departments were also improved from standard to HD, including the video-coaching facility. Mark DiNardo, the Phillies’ director of broadcasting and video services, told the upgrade will most benefit the scouting and self-analysis performed by the team’s coaches and players. “They voiced a concern to upgrade,” DiNardo said, “and our management heard that concern.”


Of course the Philadelphia Eagles aren’t letting things go to waste back in November I reported that they were going SUPER GREEN.  In case you missed the report here is a quick summary.

Basically Philadelphia Eagles will now “pimp” out the stadium with a few Eco Friendly additives and bring down the cost they bring to the electrical grid.  In turn they will save some money and after the 20 year contract is up they can then MAKE money selling some of the energy they create back into the grid.

See folks saving money can in turn make you money.  Thanks to the partnership with SolarBlue the Eagles will be installing 80 spiral small-wind turbines around the perimeter of the stadium roof, 2,500 solar panels on the stadium’s facade and canopies, and a 7.6-megawatt dual-fuel co-generation plant adjacent to the stadium that will run on biodiesel fuel and natural gas, SolarBlue CEO Lee Maher announced.

The split for energy generation will be 70/15/15, with 70 percent of the stadium’s energy being generated by the biodiesel/natural gas co-generation plant, and solar and wind systems each producing 15 percent.

Per the terms of the deal, SolarBlue will invest an estimated $30 million to convert the stadium into a self-generating facility. In exchange, the Eagles have signed a 20-year contract in which it will pay SolarBlue for the electricity at an agreed annual price. The Eagles estimate that the deal will save the franchise $60 million in energy costs over the next 20 years.  After the 20-year mark, the Eagles will then be free to use its self-generated electricity and sell any excess back to the electric grid. It’s estimated the stadium will generate approximately 1.039 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, enough to power about 26,000 homes, according to SolarBlue.

According to both SolarBlue and the Philadelphia Eagles owners fans need not worry about the wind turbines disturbing their favorite team running up and down the field as the wind turbines chosen run quiet and will not both natural wildlife in the area.  Now I am going to take some bets and see how long it will take for a fan to throw toilet paper into the wind turbines and get kicked out.  I will bet 8 games into the new stadium.

You can take a look at the artist rendering of what the new stadium will look like come September 2011 at and learn more about how you can change your electricity habits.  Philadelphia’s “Greenest City in America” initiative is looking good so far wonder what is next on the list of Green Changes.

So what does that all mean for you the Philadelphia Sports fan is that Philadelphia is leading the way in sports entertainment.  Whether it be how you watch your Phillies winning another World Series ring or whether it be having your Eagles lower your electric bill and be the greenest team in the league we are showing our commitment to leading technological innovations for the rest of the world to see.