Is Your iPhone Spying On You

Today Gizmodo editor Sam Biddle just dropped a bombshell and it is a real doozy.  According to his article located here he is saying that Apple is able to track your every movement via an agreement you agreed to without really agreeing to.  What I am saying is that in your initial signup for the Apple iPhone/iPad service you agreed to allow Apple location service to collect anonymous data.  That little agreement has now set off major bells and whistles with security experts and people alike.

Sam Biddle shows in his article a small video of a time lapse data transmission that he gathered and collected off his iPhone that anyone can access.  See the problem here is that if you lose your cellphone someone who has some knowledge of technology can access this file and see where all you have been in a certain timeframe.  Not only that but this data could also be used by police and private detectives or god forbid crazy spouses.  Is nothing sacred anymore?

As of right now there is no fix for this little problem that Apple has created.  Some speculation is suggesting that this add-on to the iPhone was government bullying that way it is just one less wall the government has to spying on you while you sleep via FaceTime (I have no real proof of this btw simply wild speculation and having a girlfriend who is a conspiracy nut).  However on the heels on that news another bombshell dropped today and this time it comes to us from Michigan.

Michigan state police are now able to break through your cellphone security passwords and bypass all of your security measures and get a full look at your cellphone data without your consent.  The very thing that is against the law to do without a warrant is now just being done right in plain view of the public and the uproar is just starting to kick up.   All of this according to a report from CNet found here.

According to reports police are using an “extraction machine” that collects GPS data, messages, videos, contacts.  The device has many different interfaces in which to work with the different types of phones.  Good for you that the ACLU is fighting on your side and are backing you up with the Constitution and in particular the 4th amendment which protects us from unreasonable search and seizures.

Imagine if you are driving down Market St. and a Philadelphia cops asks for license, registration and insurance and then says “pass me your cellphone too”.  Imagine the uproar that would ensue.  I am sure plenty of screaming and nashing of teeth would commence.  Here is a tip from me to you if you happen to face this particular illegal cellphone stealing activity just simply and politely look at the police officer and say “if you want me cellphone show me the warrant and I will be happy to give it to you.  No warrant no phone those are my constitutional rights.”  Now that is the long version I am sure most of my Philadelphia men and women will certainly add some flavorful words to that statement but just be polite.

In other news I suffered a major setback as my desktop pc who has been my loyal friend for so long decided that it no longer wanted to be a desktop pc anymore and my motherboard decided it didn’t want to be a motherboard no longer.  Simply put it fried up like crispy bacon.  So now I am in the process of trying to get a replacement desktop pc hopefully something soon will come of it.  All this happened while I was installing new software for a review on and I never seen it happen before.  Usually I see a motherboard fry up due to over juicing or an electrical shock to it.  The CPU is cracked and well might as well get a new one instead of trying to keep the old one running.  Luckily my trusty laptop is here to help me write my articles.

Hopefully in the coming weeks I hope to be getting some help from some Tech Companies and attempting to build my own computer for a series of articles on that.  I plan on getting some Q&A’s with some people in the tech community who have come from the local Philadelphia and surrounding areas.  If you have any suggestions for an article feel free to drop me a line and as always I hope you enjoyed the article and feel free to poke around even SUBSCRIBE to my articles so you can get the latest and greatest of Kyle when I post online and don’t forget you can follow me on Facebook and Twitter and even Digg and I just joined Foursquare so feel free to hit me up there too.  If you would like for me to review a product for you or you have a suggestion for an article or just want to say HI feel free to email me at or leave a comment below.