Buick Regal Turbo Diary Day 1

Now I had known about this day for some time and I was very excited about it.  I went to the Lehigh Auto Show to get a real good look at the car I would be getting as a “loaner” for a few days.  It was a Buick Regal Turbo and my first impressions carried with me all the way through to the day of delivery.  This isn’t your grandma’s Buick anymore.

So after I had hashed out all the details on drop off and pick up and all the in betweens I sat like a little kid on Christmas day running around my house yelling “the car is coming!  The car is coming!”  Finally it was delivered and the same feeling ran over me, this car is absolutely amazing to look at.   Just sitting still in my driveway it looked like it was darting through the wind.

I was given my information kit and given the key and I sat in the car for the next hour just pushing all the buttons.  I am a tech and gadget geek so the car had buttons that needed to be pushed so I knew what all they did.  Too bad the first hour was just playing with the radio and getting my iPad all sync’d up and working.   Oh yes I also adjusted the mirrors for safety of course!

Then came the fun part and that was taking it to my daily work which is as a Pizza delivery driver.  So I really get to test out just how quick the car is, how it would handle, gas mileage and various other duties of my job.  I got it with a full tank of gas and I will say this I only had to put gas in the car ONCE the whole time and it wasn’t even a full refuel.  5 days of driving including 2 days of pizza delivering on Friday and Saturday, followed by Easter Sunday driving to family and friends houses, then driving my son around and only filling up the gas tank ONCE!  One word folks…amazing.   Now I present you with my thoughts on the car for those 5 wonderful days.

DAY 1 – The Delivery

As I got the phone call and saw the delivery person waiting in my driveway I eagerly dressed and ran down my steps and towards the car like a young child running to his first new bike at Christmas.  After getting the paperwork and the keys I was left to my own devices.  I had an hour to kill before work so I figured I would “learn” about the cars technological innovations.

Ok in reality I wanted to turn the car on and see what the buttons did.  So I called my girlfriend down and she sat in the car and noted that the car is really comfortable and also spacious enough for her with her MS that in case she needed to move around there was room in the front seat and she wasn’t banging into anything.  I told her I would make of a note of it and I just did.

So after learning the car has XM Satellite Radio installed and I can listen to Opie and Anthony uninterrupted I was a very happy camper.  I also got my iPod sync’d up to the car’s radio and got my cellphone Bluetooth connected to the car’s hands free device.   Which, I will talk more about later.  So after getting the car set up for little ol me I was off to work.  Let’s really test this baby out.

The Delivery Job

I drove to work and immediately this car is getting ogled at.  Everyone wants to know what kind of car it is, and just how it came to be that I am driving it.  Needless to say a lot of people sat in the car and got a chance to experience the new Buick Regal Turbo.  This is one of the first days I was excited to get deliveries and drive long distances just for a buck or two.  With each delivery I grew in love with the car.  The quick acceleration on the road, passing by slower cars with ease, rocking out to the XM radio, and enjoying the Navigation system.

The whole day just seemed to go by with a breeze.  Each delivery I took someone would comment on the car.  Most people didn’t believe it was a Buick because of the style of the car.  The sharp angles, aggressive front and sleek look really deceived people.  This car just oozes sophistication at a reasonable price.  I made a point of asking people how much do you think this car is worth and most were saying $50,000 so when I actually told them the price range they were all shocked and really taken aback by it.

So with my first day in the books I drove the car home parked it and couldn’t wait for the next day to begin.


Ok so let’s talk about some other important aspects of the car that I learned on Day 1.

  • The sound system is fantastic and really delivered some amazing quality bass and little to no interference.
  • The Navigation system and its turn by turn directions was actually more up to date then my regular GPS!
  • The Navigation system will not function while driving which is a fantastic safety feature.
  • The automatic windows can be tricky for some people who just poke at the button
  • The driver and passenger seats are very comfortable and able to be moved and adjusted to suit your needs.
  • Enough room in the driver and passenger seat to handle all types of situations
  • The backseat is quite comfy as well and the center console has a few hidden gems
  • The trunk is like a cavern (more on that one later)
  • No matter where I went people wanted to know more about the car.  If I was a car salesman I might have made my monthly quota 6 times over

Well folks that is it for Day 1 of my Diary of a Buick Regal Turbo.  Stay tuned for the rest of the days and yes they all won’t be single posts just the first day had a lot of fun and exciting things in it.  The next post I will talk about some more safety features and other very nifty things that this Buick Regal Turbo has that you probably should know about.  Thanks for reading and make sure you check out the other Philadelphia Examiner reporters posts and feel free to leave a comment below or even SUBSCRIBE to my page for instant updates on when my next post is published.