Corel VideoStudio Pro X4 Review

Like so many people do now days they have their video camera at the ready to record big moments in their lives.  Whether it big the children’s soccer game or karate tournament or even if it is a beautiful wedding.  More often than not people want to spruce up the video to make it seem more professional.  Stopping short of actual professional editing there is a solution for the home video maven.  Home editing software has transformed modern home video into a more stylized approach to home movies.  In the coming weeks I will be looking at a few of the top home video editing software available to you and seeing how a person like myself, who has never had a day of video editing training, can take a simple video and turn it into something completely different.

The first software I will be reviewing today is Corel VideoStudio Pro X4.  This is the fourth generation of the software and I never used the previous versions but the people at Corel were very nice enough to give me a complete working copy of the software and I must say I am very happy with how my video turned out.  Let’s take a look at what Corel VideoStudio Pro X4 can do for you.

When I first loaded the software I was hit with a welcome box that has a few options for you to look at.  You can learn about the product or you can look at some helpful video tutorials to help you on your way.  The next option you can do is the Do More option.  In the Do More option you are able to download more Templates, Titles, Audio, and Other programs to further help you get your video from bland to big screen worthy.

I downloaded a few templates that I saw and yes you can preview each template to see how they will work with your video.  You can even download some other software that will further enhance your experience and implement even more templates and titles and will only add to your video.  The best thing about Corel is that all of their designs really seem to add something of substance to your video presentation.  Some of the other software video editing templates from other companies just kind of throw something onto the wall and hope it sticks.  Corel makes sure that everything works in sync with your video style.

I shot a couple of videos around Philadelphia using my Flip UltraHD camera and uploaded them into Corel and started playing around.  I had an idea of what I would like done with the video and looking at some of the tutorials and poking around on the online communities I got a better grasp of how to handle my video.  With Corel you have a multitude of options on which to edit your video.  Mutli-cuts means you can really trim the fat on your video very quickly if you took a really long video and want to shorten it up without switching back and forth between videos.  You can split the audio and even mix in your own audio if you want to lay down a bed for your video soundtrack.

With my video I had a lot of action shots so I really wanted to emphasize the action while minimizing the walking around, talking and just really nail home the action.  So with a few quick multi-cuts I was able to trim out the fat and focus on what I wanted to present as my final video.  With that I wanted to insert some funny lines and titles and some transitional effects to really keep the viewers interested in the movie.  It was all very simple to do with Corel’s software.  I could switch between the Time lne focus of the movie or I could switch to Storyboard View.  I kept with Timeline as it allowed me to focus on the timing of certain actions.

The one downside I had with Corel is sometimes the video would jump about and not run quite smoothly at times.  I chalked that up to what I was running it on and possibly with a faster more updated computer I wouldn’t have this problem but it still made it difficult at times to properly edit and time certain events.  This was overcome by continually looking at each scene as a whole and breaking it down that way.  I would then run the whole clip in itself and see how it played and if things didn’t add up right I could trim them or add things or even take away certain qualities I had inserted.

The fun part about editing the video is that while filming you don’t see every little thing that goes on while you film.  Yet with editing you get to see the funny faces someone makes or a weird little thing that happens in the background.  This came in handy for the final product.  I also was able to slow down the time and slow the frames of the film to better exemplify the moments of action.  It was very easy to transition out of that to go back to real time and go back and slow down the time again and again.

Corel made it seem quite easy to really touch up and edit the video on the fly and didn’t make it feel like a very daunting task to make the video in what I had in my head a reality.  Corel even has beginnings and endings for you to install into your video to give it a better opening and ending.  All of it is very easily added to your movie and some slight clicking all is done.

Finally you got to take your masterpiece and transform it into a single video form.  So you can share your video on YouTube and Facebook and Twitter.  You create your video file and select the type and video resolution and even select to have it be transformed into an iPod or iPhone quality video.  Once the conversion is done you can then upload it to YouTube much like I did.  The original video was 4:30 and the newer version with all the effects and timing is now over 9 minutes in length.

The best part is that I didn’t really have all that much time to dedicate to the software and with the little time I had I think a great video was made with very little time.  Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of what we have learned.


  • Very easy to add effects and transitions
  • Downloadable content keeps your movies fresh
  • Video Tutorials help you if you get in a jam
  • Multiple Conversion possibilities for your video uploading



  • Choppy playback at times makes editing difficult
  • Limited amount of downloadable content
  • At times when you download it doesn’t install properly the first time

Wrap Up

Corel VideoStudio Pro X4 is a very handy little video editing software.  That with little time and effort you can transform your simple home movies into a much more enjoyable video for you and your family.  You can also make fantastic YouTube videos to post and maybe become the next be viral hit.  Corel VideoStudio Pro X4 is available at local retailers or you can purchase online at and retails for $99 for the full version or you can upgrade from previous versions for $79.  I highly recommend this software for your home video editing.

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