Netcom shows off microSD card with integrated NFC goodness

Well seems like the Google Wallet project might just get a quicker jumpstart thanks to the folks over at Netcom.  What Netcom has done is added NFC capability to existing phones using a microSD card.  That bypasses some external add-ons that we have seen as of late and allows the phone to retain its regular appearance.  Netcom decided to fit NFC chips plus their antennas onto ordinary microSD cards, yet still managing to cram up to 8GB of NAND memory at the same time.  Double plus good I say.  However with all the good there are some bad parts for example, the back cover nor the microSD cover should be made of metal; then secondly, we noticed that due to the tiny antenna coil, scanning could become tricky if the reader has a small sensing area.  It kind of reminds you of the "sweet spot" you have to hold the iPhone to avoid service interruption for the antenna to properly work.  Finally the phone needs a background app to communicate with the NFC circuitry.

The demo that was shown used a Java app running on a Chinese dumbphone, and we were told that Android will be next in line to receive similar support.  Don't think you can go out to Best Buy and pick one of these up as they aren't available yet.  Netcom is already working with a "top ten" phone manufacturer on a compatible device due in 3 to 6 months.  The countdown to paper bills being useless continues to plummet at an alarming rate.


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