Skype comes to Facebook and you can video chat now!

Today Mark Zuckerberg announced a partnership with Skype and you can now video chat with your friends on Facebook.  You can jump to the video log page over at Facebook to get all set up or jump on over to Skype and download the software.  You will then be hit with two options basic and premium.  The difference is with basic you get one on one video chat and instant messaging.  Premium brings you group chat and a wide array of other cool features.  


Facebook also stated that they are now over 750 million users strong.  The easiest thing about the new video chat is just how easy it is to set up a group chat and get a video call using your existing Skype membership.  A single click is all it takes to get all your contacts sync'd up.  It will be rolled out "over the next few weeks" and in 70 different languages.  The new chat design will be scalable based on your browser size, and the company made a point to mention that it'll be listening closely to user input in order to iterate as it moves foward.  

Tony Bates noted that over 300 million videocall minutes a month are going through Skype, and at peak times, over half of its traffic is video. He also noted that the technology behind it was "tough" to construct, but somehow it managed to hammer this whole thing out in around six months via joint development. There's also talk about future "paid products" in due time, and it's strikingly clear that this partnership isn't going to fade anytime soon. If you're looking to take a dive yourself, hit up the source links below for the Windows applications, and wear that F5 button out over at Facebook's homepage if you're more of the "in-browser" type.  It should be also noted that on the mobile end of the spectrum nothing is active as of yet.  Mark was mum on the subject as to "when" it might be seeing the light of day he simply noted that "we'll see".

All of these options are up and running now so go and check it out for yourself.