Ford Flex Review

I recently had the pleasure of driving the Ford Flex courtesy of the great people at Ford.  It was also because of the Ford Flex I was also able to go and have a wonderful experience with the Dahlin Family who were on the tour.  It was the combination of both of these events that allowed me to drive the Ford Flex and give you my thoughts on the vehicle like I have with the CTS-V and the Buick Regal Turbo.  The Ford Flex is a truly unique vehicle that combines the roominess of a van yet has the power of an SUV.  How does the Ford Flex hold up and how well does it do with my day job?  Let’s find out right now.



First Impressions

When you first glance at the Ford Flex you notice its boxy shape, its flat front and long box like sides.  However once inside you don’t feel like you are inside a box at all.  Instead you notice just how much space you have to stretch and feel comfortable.  The Ford Flex has 3 rows of seating when you have it configured for maximum seating capacity, and it is in that second and third row of seating that the passengers get a great view of the sky via the moon roofs that are on the ceiling.  I thought that was a great little touch to have for your passengers so they can get different views than your standard side window.

The power lift gate was a great touch and very handy for people with bags in their hands.  Also the cap less gas tank was a very unique look.  I liked the color and the style of the car and some people didn’t enjoy the look while others certainly did.  It is a car that would have to be appreciated at first glance because you don’t want to sell yourself on a car that you don’t like looking at day in and day out.  I love the look of the Ford Flex and how it stands out from the rest of the cars in a parking lot.  So I applaud Ford for that bold move on design.

How does it drive?

When you first fire up the Ford Flex you get a nice rumbling from the motor.  A sound that satisfies every car guys heart.  A deep rumbling that ensures you, the driver, that this car will have the power to handle whatever it is you need it to do.  So I took the Ford Flex out onto the highway for a quick spin and at first I was taken aback at how much sway I was experiencing.  I felt like I was on a boat and the car was just rocking and rolling back and forth.  I finally chalked it up to the roads of Pennsylvania and got down to the business of seeing just how quickly the car can react to certain situations.  Yes this is a mixed hybrid of two vehicles a van and an SUV however you can’t treat the Flex as either because it isn’t that car.  It isn’t a van where you can’t catch up to major highway speeds and it isn’t an SUV where you can go mudding with it.  Instead it is a car that has the room and power of both and acts like a sports car with handling at times. 

Weaving in and out of traffic is a breeze with all the windows you have to look out and picking up speed from a quick stop is no problem at all.  I was really shocked at just how quickly the Flex picked up speed with its massive size and all.  However I quickly allowed that feeling to wash away and just embrace at how great this car is to drive and how great it is to feel sitting in the driver’s seat. 

Besides from the initial feeling of boating the car handled everything I threw at it.  Stop and go, quick turns, long drives and all the while I watched the MPG keep up very well on the fuel gauge.  The Ford Flex roughly gets 16 MPG city and 23 MPG highway estimated.  My mileage was a little less on both mainly due to the EXTREME heat wave and running the AC a lot.  However the Flex did very well driving around town and handling the job of delivering and carting kids around.  Click the link for a full spec list.

Technology Inside

Now the one thing I was really looking forward to was the MyFord Touch System.  You take the SYNC system already known in Ford and ramp it up a few degrees and now everything in the car is controllable through voice commands.  A truly great experience for me was to play my iPod and then call my girlfriend and then find my destination without ever having to take my hands off the wheel. 

The touch screen interface was remarkable and very responsive.  Never did I have to press twice or press and hold it all just worked beautifully.  I really did fall in love with the technology inside the Ford Flex from the very beginning.  The radio always sounded wonderfully and at times it would switch between regular radio and HD radio, which got to be a bit annoying as the quality jumped around.  The fun part was driving around in Philadelphia just watching the Navigation screen and seeing how well it handled switching down roads and altering its navigational path. 

See I would drive down to the Please Touch Museum and then turn down a road to see how quickly the car would adjust course and I was very surprised at how easy it did just that.  Then on top of what has already amazed me I was able to use my very own cellphone apps through the MyFord Touch System.  I played my Pandora radio and Stitcher apps and also was able to hear the YouTube Videos while my friend was watching the video.  All in all, this car has it all.  That is a lot of all!

Another great little piece of technology was the Park Assist option.  You know the one where the car parks itself, well the Ford Flex has this too and let me tell you it is trippy at first and then you just look for places to try and show this feature off to your friends.  Great for city driving!


Overall Final Thoughts

Like I said when I covered the (my thoughts from the event here) event I absolutely love this vehicle.  It has everything you could ask for in a car and then some.  With some tweaking in the interior you can even get a cooler inside as one of the options.  How great would that be?  Cold drinks just nearby.  This car truly is a car to go traveling with and also is a great car to just drive around in.  If you have the opportunity go and test drive one and just feel how great of a car it is. 

As always around this time we must go to the Kyle Scientific Scale-o-Rama and much like this week in Football there is no Lockout however being a HUGE Philadelphia Eagles fan I dedicate this one to other football fans.  With a scale going for 0 to 10 with 0 being how the Cowboys and Jets fans felt when the Eagles Signed Nnamdi Asomugha and 10 being the Eagles fans after they signed Nnamdi I give the Ford Flex a resounding endorsement of 9.4 out of 10.  I really can’t stop saying how much I loved driving this car.  Thanks Ford and the Dahlin family for a wonderful experience and great times.