Avid Studio Video Editing Review

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Now in the past I have reviewed two other video editing software programs.  They were Corel VideoStudio ProX4 and Adobe Premier Elements, and just recently I got the opportunity to get my hands on Avid Studio.  Avid Studio is a small movie studio in a box.   The difference between the other video editing software and Avid starts as soon as you load up.  From there it only gets better.   Does that mean that Avid Studio is without fault?  How does it really stack up to your video editing needs?  Can you really get Hollywood style movies in little to no time?  All these questions will be answered very shortly below.

The Hollywood Feel

After I loaded up the software and got all the expansions installed I was finally ready to start my adventure into Avid Studio.  I have seen and heard some things about Avid Studio they have a myriad of other software including Avid Media Composer (for the seriously dedicated Video Editor) and Sibelius 7 (for those who want to WRITE music).  So when my copy of Avid Studio arrived in the mail I was needless to say very eager to get my hands on it.

The one thing I noticed right away was the layout of the program.  There were a lot of things going on in front of my face.  Of course you get the options of finding all your media files on your computer and import them onto Avid Studio for you to use.   Then you get all the effects and special transitions and other options to which you can spruce up your video.   One of the handiest of tutorials I found was by a YouTube user named AvidStudioPro.  He also runs a website that helps you learn the ropes of video editing located at his website.  He is so very helpful when I had my problems he helped me via email and low and behold we figured it out.  Also on his YouTube channel you will see how to create some dynamic effects and video intros.  He really helps you get the most out of your Avid Studio software.

One thing you will learn with Avid Studio is that this is almost Hollywood Studio quality video editing.  There isn’t much you CAN’T DO with Avid Studio.  Another thing I really enjoyed was the unlimited amount of layers you can add to your video piece.  It really helps when you have so much action on the screen that you are able to capture every single bit of it.  Also with the added layers you are able to edit almost every detail on the screen.  Whether it is light, color, saturation, focal point so many ways to edit and if one of your edits don’t work it is very simple to disable it and see how it will play out.  Your preview screen will help you get your movie perfect.

How well does it edit

Fantastic!  Simple enough right?  This software does have a bit of a learning curve but once that curve is conquered you will be off making hit home movies in no time.  There is a plethora of add-ons you can download and import to Avid and implement them into your work environment.

The hardest part for me to get used was the layout.  Now that is mainly because I have used the other programs and got used to that layout but once I got used to Avid’s layout everything seemed to work very smooth.  Rendering anything I added to the timeline was very quick and precise.  Playback was smooth and I could see every single time I made a small mistake whether it was a slight overlapping of clips or a miscue in the transition; I was able to correct the issue very quickly and very easily.

Another great feature is the adding of a tab to the top of the library box.  When you load Avid you are shown the similar style grey box library layout.  Although at the top of this box is a row of quick jumps to certain effects like title, transition, import, and then you can even add your own so you don’t waste time clicking and can expedite your movie editing process.  Very, very handy.  Like some other video editing studio software the search function is a vital role in looking for that perfect effect.  Avid’s search feature worked effortlessly every time I tried it.

Also you will notice that Avid Studio is optimized for 64-bit however it isn’t a native 64-bit app so just remember that when you decide to purchase the software that your computer will be able to handle it.  I learned that the hard way as my Vista laptop doesn’t run the program so smooth but a Dell XPS15 with Windows 7 ran the program with ease.  Graphic cards will take a hit on this program as well as you do have multiple layers and a lot of heavy graphic effects so make sure your graphic cards are up to specs with this software as well.

How smooth is the program?

In my efforts I have yet to have a huge hiccup at all.  I have had some minor issues while I was in mid-edit of a movie where the program just stopped responding and I had to close it out but those were few and far between.   Also you can resize your timeline and editing windows very easily to better aide in your editing.  Very simple and clean interface helped make this video editing software my favorite of the three I have reviewed.

One downside is that there is no direct Facebook uplink like there is with YouTube.  Some people just want to post a video to their friends on Facebook and there is no direct way to do it.  Instead you have to render your project and then upload it after it is done to Facebook.  If they can make it simpler to share movies over a broader base I think that would be a welcomed edition.

With Adobe Premiere I used the Instant Movie type of application, where I gave Adobe a bunch of clips and let them sort it all out and install the transitions and various other effects.  It turned out ok nothing that would knock your socks off by any means and with Avid I avoided doing that because I feel I can have a better sense of what the movie would need and not the program.  However other people tried the Smart Movie tool and said they enjoyed how the movie came out.  So use at your own risk, if you are like me I like to have a hand in every aspect of the movie.

Another very useful little thing I noticed is when you are editing movie clips and you want to fade out or fade in you can easily do so by dragging the upper edge corner of the clip and moving it inwards.  This also leaves you with a doggy’s ear to show you that you have edited the clip and can then adjust the fades duration easily.

Avid also makes trimming, joining, and splitting video clips a snap. To add clips, you simply drag them onto the timeline in the desired spot. You choose among three modes for how dropped clips are handled: Smart Editing, Insert, and Overwrite. Smart Editing determines when to move clips into the timeline to accommodate new clips you add. Insert mode always moves existing clips to accommodate new ones, and Overwrite mode doesn’t move anything.  Be careful though as sometimes you might move clips into a another clip and when you preview it you will see a quick edit of your old clip then to your new clip then back to your old clip.  It took me a few looks at it before I realized what I had done.

Also making an appearance is the magnetic clip, which allows you to simple snap the clips together automatically to help you avoid the little gaps that might occur in your movie.  As my sample clip will show you I made that little error myself.


  • Good looking interface
  • Easily organizes projects and effects
  • Tons of transitions and effects


  • Slight learning curve
  • Minor instability issues
  • Not enough Sharing options for your projects





When it comes to movie editing software I really enjoyed working with Avid Studio.  More so than Adobe’s or Corel’s software.  The ease of use and great many options make this software a winner in my book.  I really did enjoy the software and I was finally able to use a green screen properly in a video I did just for fun.  The Avid Studio program is one fantastic piece of non-professional video editing that will make you feel like you are a professional editor.  The Avid Studio software will run you $169.99 but it does come with some extra bonuses.  Like I said you get a green screen sheet, and some extra effects and professional style add-ons and plug-ins that are valued at over $2,000.  So for that price you can beat it.  Save up your pennies and do yourself a favor and purchase Avid Studio for all your home video editing needs.  On the Kyle Scientific Scale-o-Rama with a 10 point rating system with 0 being a beta camcorder and 10 being the camera’s that Peter Jackson is using to film The Hobbit, we give Avid Studio a jam packed 9.2 out of 10.  There are some things to work on to make it a complete system but this is one helluva start.

Remember to check out AvidStudioPros YouTube channel and get some helpful hints along with his website that will be more than helpful in what you are trying to do with your home video editing solutions.  Shawn Whitaker thanks for your help when I ran into some trouble make sure to check out his twitter account @AvidStudioPro and send him some thanks and check out his videos.


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