Verizon to give you 100 dollar gift card to upgrade to smartphone

Before we get to that news make sure to check out TheTechnoFiles latest giveaway.  This one is very simple just follow the instructions on the Halloween Giveaway page located here – TheTechnoFiles Halloween Giveaway!  This contest couldn’t be easier!  SO GO ENTER NOW AND WIN!  Now onto the news!   The fine folks over at Phone Arena  are reporting that Verizon is going to be having a Trade In Program, where you will get $100 for their basic phone customers to get a new smartphone.  This is supposed to start between August 18th and September 30th.  There are two ways to get this done, again IN THEORY!  Again this is from Phone Arena’s tipster… 1) Current customers with a basic phone that are eligible for a 2-year upgrade will have to purchase a new smartphone at the discounted upgradeprice, re-sign a 2-year contract and add a smartphone data plan. 2) Current customers with a basic phone, but are still under a contract may be eligible for an early upgrade. If so, they purchase the new smartphone, re-sign a 2-year contract, and add a smartphone data plan. When this is done, the customer will receive a special PIN Number to be used on the Verizon Trade In site, which will instruct them to mail in their basic phone within 30 days. After the phone is received, they will be sent a $100 Verizon Wireless Gift Card within 3 weeks. So the tipster states this was given to Verizon employees in the Western Region.  No word on whether or not this will spread throughout the country. The following photos are courtesy of Photo Arena and all credit goes to them. Source: Photo Arena


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