GoFlex Satellite Hard Drive review

GoFlex Satellite Hard Drive

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We are always looking for a fresh and innovative way to store data.  Whether it be up in a cloud or memory sticks or microSD cards or another hard drive and finally the last resolute is the external hard drive.   With an external hard drive you are limited to one computer per hard drive.  You really can’t share with a few people at one time it is a bit of a process.  However with a new product hitting the shelves sharing files just got a lot easier.  Does it really work?  How does it work?  All these questions and more will be answered about the GoFlex Satellite Drive from Seagate.

What is it?

The GoFlex Satellite Hard Drive from Seagate, is a normal ordinary hard drive that only pumps out its own WiFi signal so you can stream your content to three separate devices!  Yes I said ordinary and was dripping with sarcasm.  Nothing about this device is ordinary.  The device itself looks very sleek and innovative while the uniqueness of the device is out of this world.  The fact you can share your files, videos, photos, music, documents to three separate devices is simply amazing.

You got an iPad, iPhone, or an Android powered device you too can get in on the streaming fun.  I got this device and quickly installed the software and got it up and running in little to no time.  I was able to pretty much fill it up all 500GB worth of storage in my first uploading.  From there I downloaded the GoFlex software onto my myTouch4G phone and I was ready to go.  I was at first skeptical as I have never heard of such a device and my doubts were quickly alleviated when I first started playing season 1 of Community.

The video playback was as crisp as could be and the range I had was around 100 feet before it would start jittering and needing buffering.  The music playback is remarkable however the downside is that you can’t shuffle the songs you can only play them in order.

How does it work?

Well that is an easy question to answer.  It has a built-in WiFi antenna and it broadcasts its own signal to any device that can receive a WiFi signal that you can encrypt so you don’t have stragglers about scoping out your “collection”.  From there you have to have the software installed on your device and after that you are ready to go.  You can also share with another laptop but instead of streaming the video it will download the file.  Not a big gripe but if you are short on memory it might be nicer to stream than download.

Convenience is king

You get 5 hours of battery life on a full charge and the GoFlex also comes packed with a USB charger as well as a car charger so you can take this device on the road for those long car trips which I feel will make them SOOOOO much easier.  Three separate devices all at the same time not watching the same movie or program will cut down on one person not liking what the other is forcing them to watch, instead they can watch what they want to.

The fact that this device is so very portable makes it the must have road trip accessory.  Sure pack your drinks and all that but this GoFlex Satellite hard drive must go along with you to keep the peace.  With 500GB hard disk space you will have a hard time finding enough things to fill up the device.  I got 2 full seasons of community, 140 other movie clips, 3 full length movies, over 5000 songs and pics and files all to fill it up.  So you should have plenty of space to help you out.

With all that is good comes the bad

Now while I do love the GoFlex Satellite hard drive I do have some gripes.  Mainly the User Interface is so difficult to navigate and having to click through 5 different folders to get to the content I was looking for.  I was hoping that the Media Sync would be able to recognize the files and sort them out for me.  I never was able to get that to happen.

The music playback as I mentioned earlier has me perplexed with the lack of randomization when selecting a few tracks to play.  The upside is if you are liking someone else’s music you can download it and have it with your phone or iPhone.

The other downside is the Sync doesn’t always Sync.  Sometimes it was like pulling teeth to get this thing to push all my videos onto the hard drive.  I don’t know how many times I reset my Sync options hoping it would fix it but never did.  The last gripe I have is that while it broadcasts its own WiFi signal you have to completely disconnect from the internet to playback any content.  I am sure there is something they could do whether it be Bluetooth connectivity so you can surf and listen at the same time.

The end results

Well with as little as bad as there is with this device it surely doesn’t outweigh the awesomeness of this device.  The simple fact is you can pick up and go with 500GB worth of information whether it be videos, photos, files, documents, music whatever you can share it with your friends (up to 3 of them).  With that time to look at pros and cons and give you my thoughts on the GoFlex Satellite 500GB Hard Drive.


  • Portable
  • Great for road trips
  • Great playback quality
  • Decent battery life
  • Three connected devices simultaneously


  • User interface
  • Lack of random playback in music
  • Slow transfer rate to laptops
  • Video player restarts anytime you move the device from landscape/portrait
  • Video hangs up at times

Time for the scales

The scales of truth and justice and the American way are certain.  The results have been tabulated and the points have been counted twice (we want to avoid that whole Florida presidency debacle) and we have the scores.  As always we grade the scores on a 0-10 point scale and here are the results.  On the Kyle Scientific Scale-o-Rama the GoFlex Satellite Hard Drive scores a respectable 8.9 out of 10.

Just a few things hurt the device from breaking into the 9’s and hopefully with an update to the software those issues will be fixed and then all can enjoy.  As a device itself its design and implementation is superb and the fact you have a device that will be essential for road trips is invaluable.

Hope you all enjoyed the review feel free to leave comments and if you so desire go and check out the  GoFlex Satellite hard drive for yourself and make your own judgment call.  Prices start at $199 but what price will you be willing to pay to have a quiet car ride? An easy way to share information for your friends and family?  To me it is money well spent.