A VIP Lounge interview with Charisma Cappelli

Everyone has a backstory.  Some are more interesting than others.  Mine for example is unique.  Before I was writing my own website on Tech and Gadget news I used to be a DJ at a few Philly area Gentleman Clubs.  In my travels I have had some very interesting events happen to me and I got to meet some fantastic people whom I consider friends.  One of those people is Charisma Cappelli.  Now that name might not jump right off at you at the moment, but I mean just look at her, how could you not want her to jump right off the page and onto you?  Not only is she attractive and drop dead sexy, she is also very funny and down to earth.

When I started the VIP Lounge I wanted to make sure I would be able to talk about Technology and Gadgets with a wide array of subjects.  Most only see Adult Film stars as just that and nothing else.  However I know that behind the scenes are some fantastic people who are just like you and me and are geeks to the core and hopefully I can interview some more and show you a new perspective.

I will say this, my first impression of Charisma was hysterical, she walked into the club and set up her DVD’s and photos and then unveils this LIFE SIZE (mind you it was as tall as me and I am 6’4)  stand up poster of her next to the DJ Booth.  Needless to say I was quite impressed and I even mentioned to her, “do you have that thing just standing up at your house all the time?”  We laughed and from there I went on to entertain her while she wasn’t dancing and low and behold she is my first guest into the VIP Lounge.

All that really means is she has the pick of the food that I have laid out on the table for the guests and all the chairs and couches are super comfy.  Now let’s get down to the business and check out our interview.  I will add my very unneeded commentary after some questions if I so desire.

Single or married or not looking?

Not looking right now.


What do you sleep in?

Baggy clothes for sure or naked depending on if it’s hot or not.

(tell me you wouldn’t crank up the heat in the house all the time?)-KL


I am sure you want more?  Well click on over to the VIP Lounge to see the entire interview.


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