ThinkGeek believes it is never too early to geek your kid

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Those fine folks over at ThinkGeek have really thought of everything.  Now instead of waiting to get your kids a bit older and then gently introducing them into the world of geekdom, ThinkGeek gets them trekking right from the get go.  With the Light-Up feeding system it takes the usual baby spoon and turns it on its head.  The Enterprise will now be the vehicle to which your child will get spoonfuls of delight.  Check out the news below and then order it now!

ThinkGeek + Star Trek + Baby Food

I wanted to introduce you to the awesome and new Star Trek Enterprise Light-Up Feeding System from  Available now, babies can begin the love of Star Trek at the solid foods stage.

The spoon looks like the Enterprise NCC-1701 of The Original Series and captained by James T. Kirk himself.  The flashing LEDs on the nacelles draw the baby’s attention to the spoon to assist parents.  The motion sensitive LEDs in the bib guide you in for docking.

The spoon also comes with three spoon attachments (video below) and are dishwasher safe.

The product is available now from ThinkGeek for $24.99.