Seagate GoFlex Home Network review

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Have you been looking to get a bigger home network without having to deal with the constant hard drive installations and various other ways of getting more storage? Have you ever set up for a presentation and forgot the files at home and wondered how you can access those files and stream it to your presentation? Well keep reading for one solution to all your home network problems.

Seagate brings a Cloud into your home

Everyone is talking about this “cloud” business.  A network that can be accessed any place and at any time.  You store your files onto it and load a program and next thing you know your files are accessible.  Some devices come with connection to an iCloud or Cloud like services, however Seagate brings you up to 3 TERABYTES of storage to your home, laptop and smartphone.

Seagate’s GoFlex Home Network Storage System is exactly what you are looking for.  It acts as your own personal cloud to store files, documents, photos, videos, and music and then you can access those files on either your Mac or PC or game console and smartphone.  But the question remains, how well does it work and is this your ultimate solution.  Well let’s find out shall we?

What is this “cloud”?

The term cloud is used to describe any content that can be accessed from anywhere.  All your files and data held in some imaginary place that can be downloaded or streamed to your laptop, computer or smartphone.  Which means you don’t need the actual files right in front of you instead you can access it remotely.

This is what the GoFlex Home Network does for you.  Store all your files onto this hard drive and then have the availability of accessing it remotely whenever you need it.  That flexibility in portable networking is fantastic.  The ability to have your files at your home and used in the office without the need of an outside provider leaves you very open to running a presentation or showing your friends some photos from the European vacation without the need of lugging anything extra around.

Pricing will vary between the three sizes with the 1TB starting at $129 and the 2TB is $159 and the 3TB is $209.  So you have some great choices so long as you think budget conscious.

Easy to use and very easy to access

When you first connect your GoFlex Home Network to your…well network you then have access to three folders by default.  You get a Public, Backup and Personal folder, with each folder giving you an option on how you want to store and access your files.   That is a nice touch to have options already in place instead of having to create and go through all the hassle.  Now you can add folders later on if you want but I haven’t had the need to.

I put the files where I want them to be and the software installed on my computer reminds me to set up a backup option so I don’t have to worry if my laptop takes a major dive.  Not only that the GoFlex drive was quickly discovered on my home network and with a simple right click and an option to Send To I was well on my way to using the GoFlex Home Network.

After setting up my home network I decided to take it on the road and access it through my smartphone to see just how much I could access.  I downloaded the Android App and went through authorizing my phone to access my GoFlex Home Network and I am then able to see the folders and this is where some trouble starts.

All that is good has some problems

Now when I wrote about the GoFlex Satellite WiFi hard drive I spoke about some of the issues with the User Interface (UI) in the Android App.  I spoke about how it was very difficult to navigate.  That isn’t the case with this GoFlex app.  The folders are all presented to you in a very easy and manageable way.  However the downside is that the app itself won’t play many of the files you have stored on it.  It might just be a miscommunication between the mobile app and your phones media player but it is annoying to try and access your movie files and you can’t unless they are a certain type.

However with the WiFi app you could get around it by installing a secondary player and forcing it to use that player to play the movie file, I couldn’t do it for this app.  Which doesn’t kill it for me as the primary use of this one is for a more laptop or desktop.  The mobile side of it feels like a side note to me.  Now whether or not that is how they meant it to be the mobile side of the app just seems to fall short.  I couldn’t open up a regular doc as it wasn’t a .pdf file.  It just gets to be a hassle to try and make certain files work.

With my laptop I have none of those issues.  All the files work flawlessly.  The streaming movies work fantastic, documents pop up quickly, and everything just seems to work flawlessly. Never had a problem with connecting or streaming any content that I want on my laptop.  Again my main issue is the mobile app failing short.  You have the access and application for a mobile device yet it doesn’t work like one would hope it would.  I am sure there is a lot of things going on in programming and coding that prevents certain things from working but man it just sucks to show off technology and it doesn’t work as well as you want it too.

The benefits of flying on a cloud

There are so many benefits of putting all your files on a cloud.  One it is secured as well as no one can access your files unless you allow them too.  Which enables you to take your files with you and go to a meeting or go to your parents house and be able to show them on a much larger screen all your pics from a vacation or set up a projector and show off your presentation seamlessly.

The cloud allows you to not have to worry about your files going missing instead it can stay in a sort of limbo until you call upon them at will.  You remember that thing you did way back when but you think you erased it from your camera…boom it lives on in your cloud.  This is the great thing about the GoFlex Home Network; the worry washes away as soon as you start moving your files onto the cloud.

The software that comes with the package allows you to get up and running in no time.  The interface you have on your computer it very easy to navigate and you can even add extra apps as well.  So with the GoFlex Home Network you have the entire package of anything you can think of to take your files with you on the go.  The only thing I can think of that would top it all off would be the GoFlex TV where you can stream movies to your TV in 1080p, so if you are reading this Seagate just know I have been very good this year and it is on my Christmas Wish List.  The GoFlex Home Network says you can stream it to your video consoles however I haven’t had much luck.  Doesn’t mean it doesn’t work I just couldn’t figure it out yet as I use it primarily to stream to my laptop and desktop.

Don’t forget this works great on both Mac’s and PC’s so no matter which system you are running you are sure to be able to float in the cloud in no time.

The results are in

Now as you know we take great pride here at The Techno Files to give you a comprehensive result.  We put the GoFlex Home Network through its paces and have come out with a definitive answer.  Now before I have gone with a number system but I think I am going to try and change it up and just make it a little easier to understand.  A three party system, we have the Skip It option where you should avoid this device at all costs. Flip It – means you take the chance and flip a coin on whether or not you should get it.  Buy It – What are you waiting for go out and get this.  Followed by a Pros and Cons round up on why we choose the results.  So with that said and done…our Kyle Scientific Scale-o-Rama results are in and here are the results


  • Easy to set up and in no time have your own Cloud
  • Easy to navigate User Interface
  • Very simple drag and drop back up
  • Seamless streaming of video


  • Poor mobile experience
  • Random drop outs while uploading a file (rare)

With all that being said the overall results are the Seagate GoFlex Home Network is a BUY IT!  So many great unique features that allows you to bring your entire hard drive where ever you go and able to be ready with a presentation OR just showing off family photos and home movies.    The Seagate GoFlex Home Network is a great device that you need to go out and purchase.  As always don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and on Facebook and feel free to email me as well.