Help the Chevy Sonic get it’s first date

Now I know there are tons of online dating options available for the single people.  However this isn’t your ordinary single dater.  This is the Chevy Sonic and it needs it’s first date.  Valentine’s Day was such a lonely time for the Chevy Sonic but you can change all that.  You have the ability to take the Chevy Sonic out on a romantic getaway maybe out to a drive in theater, share some popcorn, then maybe get the oil changed and to top it all off, give it a good washing.  What a date right?  Well if you want to get the Chevy Sonic a date to remember all you have to do is follow this link, fill out the form and hope for the best.  Here is the profile of the Chevy Sonic.

Hi, I’m the Chevy Sonic… the newest compact car to the market. It’s Valentine’s Day…  the day when we all hope to be out on the town with someone special… but, tonight I have found myself without a date!

So, in the interest of trying new things, and my recent “Let’s Do This” attitude, I want one of our website readers to take me on my first date!

Yes, you read that right –  I am looking to be more active in the market…the dating market that is…

Tell me what “date” you’d like to take me on! I’m looking to try new things, experience some “firsts” and make a great impression. Our date can be as simple as a drive-in movie, parade in your hometown, or maybe even to check out the home of the Buffalo Chicken Wing… I can’t wait to see where you’ll take me.    




2012 Chevrolet Sonic hatchback

Chevy Sonic Dating Profile

Username: ChevySONIC


About a year old


Northeast Region


Fun, adventurous friends to show me a new “first” in their neighborhood

Body Type

Subcompact: 4-door Sedan or 5-door Hatchback, with a small and sleek body and a bright exterior… think motorcycles…


I was born and raised in Detroit and just moved to the Northeast to fall in love. I am young and small, but aggressive, and am proud that I am the only small car built in the US.

I’ve got a turbo engine, so I like to move fast. And with OnStar, I am really well connected everywhere I go. When I’m on the road, safety is important to me, and I have all the latest features. Oh and I’m easy… to parallel park that is!

I know you are intrigued now, but you’ll have to meet me to see the rest…

My Ideal Date

I’ve got youthful style and a sporty drive – big performance from a small package, so my ideal match will have a “Let’s Do This” attitude and be willing to try some firsts. I’m attracted to people with a passion for driving and a fun spirit. I want someone in control and confident, so let go of the brakes and navigate our date!

I want to meet someone who wants to take me for some test drives and show me off to their friends and family.

Sports & Exercise

Hitting the open road, climbing steep hills and weaving through traffic in the city.

Favorite Things

I love all things American, especially baseball, hot dogs and apple pie. I like moving fast, winding roads, and the wind in my grill. I think road trips around my new home area and hitting the streets with fun passengers are the best way to spend an afternoon.