Timex Ironman Global Trainer review

Fitness is an ever growing supply of accessories and enhancements and technological advancements.  From the first home gym to the now ever present portable fitness system, fitness is growing quickly.  I don’t consider the Timex Ironman Global Trainer an accessory per se I do see it as a coach, a training aide and a guide to help you achieve your fitness goals quicker and smarter.   So how does the Timex Ironman Global Trainer live up to its reputation?  Find out now in this review.




The one thing you must get used to is the size of the watch.  I am a big guy with big wrists and it still looks massive on me.  You would think that a watch with significant size would have a lot of weight behind it but actually it is quite balanced and makes it a very comfortable watch to wear.  Yes you can actually wear this as a watch if you want and if the need to exercise should arise you will be ready for action.


The Timex Ironman Global Trainer is the ultimate all-in-one tool.  This device packs in a wide array of options for you to choose from and really makes this device a multi-sport watch.  It has a GPS to help you measure your pace, speed and distance.  It also has a heart-rate monitor as well, to make sure you are staying within your selected heart rate, whether it is for fat burning or cardio workout.


You have a four quadrant face on the watch to monitor four separate windows of information as you exercise or run.  The GPS function worked tremendously for me.  As soon as I stepped out and began my workout the satellites were tracking and I was ready to go.  When dealing with fitness and exercise and competition every second counts and this is no different.  No one wants to be waiting around for a signal they just want it to happen quickly.


Tracking the GPS is a riot on your watch you can see your course you can see where you were running or biking or even hiking if you want.  That is a great feature so you aren’t feeling stuck running in the same pattern or if you remembered a cool store along your run you can retrace your steps later.


The Global Trainer really sets itself apart from a lot of other similar type devices is in the design.  It really does look like a regular sports watch (on steroids a bit), but the selection buttons are very large and easy-to-press.  You have the three buttons on both sides and the Start/Split on the front of the watch face.  That really helps you while you are running and need to select an option the buttons are easy to find and easy to press.  Remember those four quadrants I spoke about earlier this is where the Global Trainer shines.  Like I said you are able to read four different read outs on the display (heart rate, pace, distance, altitude, speed, calories, etc).  It also has an Indigo backlight however it is a bit dimmer than some other backlights on the market.


This watch isn’t only for running, no sir, it can also be well used in biking, with the bike mount included in the bundle, and swimming (water resistant up to 50 meters).  It can also be quite the heart rate monitor for Yoga as well.


Performance mode will be your default setting and you can adjust the windows to display whichever data you would like by simply selecting the quadrant and pressing the enter key and selecting a new option to monitor.  It was really that easy.


Multisport mode is used for Triathlons you can track your run time then your transition time between running and swimming and the same for the biking.  All by clicking one button to transition from event to event.  Very helpful to you when every second counts.


Then you have the Navigate, Review, Configure, and finally PC Sync options as well.


Now it’s time to look in the box and see what all comes with the device.  You have the USB charging/Sync cable (with an odd clip-on mechanism to attach to the watch), an AC adapter attachment for that USB cable, a bike mount, and the heart rate monitor, only if you selected the complete package.  For me the heart rate monitor is a must have if you are serious about fitness.  To accurately determine whether or not you are really working your body and pushing it to the limit the heart rate monitor is needed.  That being said the watch will also work with any ANT+ heart rate monitor you might already own.



The software side of the device is broken down into components:  the Timex device agent application that allows you to transfer your exercise data to your computer and even configure the watch (way easier option to do than playing with the settings on the watch itself), and Timex’s Ironman website, which is a rebranded version of the TrainingPeaks website.


The device trainer is simple and straightforward for you to handle, it does have some odd behaviors (you must press the erase button after every download to avoid duplicating your data the next time you download), however the web-based component is a bit more complex.  You have more options than similar products websites like Garmin, you can include everything from meals and nutrition tracking to equipment tracking, you finally get to see just how much damage you are putting on your sneakers (other options available if you upgrade to premium version).


With all that is good there are some downsides, the interface is lacking, the complete total number of options might be daunting for a beginner or for those only interested in keeping track of just the basics.  With Garmin you can simply upload the data directly from the watch to the website, you can’t do that with the Timex.

Another small issue I have seen is that some people are reporting that the device isn’t being read by their PC’s even after updating and trying many different options.  Timex is very easy to deal with in this instance and are willing to send you an envelope to send back your device and they will attempt to fix it for you and then send it back to you.

Timex is also advertising compatibility on both PC and Mac so those of you Apple fanboys should be happy with that.



There isn’t a doubt in anyone’s mind the when you hear the name Timex you expect quality and the Ironman Global Trainer definitely stands out from the current crop of GPS watches.  You have the strength and durability and lives up the Ironman name, plus the appearance alone has gotten lots of people’s attention while I am wearing it.  Have you noticed I haven’t mentioned the price?  Right now the Ironman Global Trainer is $300, then you add in the heart rate monitor and it jumps to $360.  Now for that price you are getting a great deal of options and a top quality build.


Now we hand it over to our crack team of scientists who toiled over every aspect of this watch and came to a conclusion.  On the Kyle Scientific Scale-o-Rama with your choices being Buy It, Flip It, or Skip It, they rated the Timex Ironman Global Trainer a solid and hearty BUY IT.  This really is the complete package as it comes to your fitness goals.  This watch will be your new best friend.

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