Behringer’s Guitar Link UCG102 review

Behringer’s Guitar Link UCG102 connects your guitar to your computer to let you record on your computer without the need for bulky equipment. Check out our video review of this device right here.  How well does it perform?  Does it live up to our expectations?  Find out now in this review.

The Guitar Link connects through usb without the need for an external power supply. It gives a good sound recording at home, however I wouldn’t use it in a profesional setting, because that isnt what it is designed for.

The Guitar Link is compatible with both Mac and PC. I did my review on my laptop running windows 7 (64 bit) and using Mixcraft6. It does come with it’s own recording software, but I found it diffucult to use and because of my 64-bit system, I couldnt get the sound to work properly. I’m sure this is just a driver issue, but I already had MixCraft on my computer, so i used that. For this reason, I am reveiwing only the device and not the included sotware.

After I installed the device, using the drivers included in the box, I plugged in my guitar and headphones and started playing.

The unit itself is designed for anyone to easily use. There are two jacks in the front (line in and headphone), a volume dial to control the volume of the headphones and a switch to move from Hi to Lo levels. There are also two LED lights, to let you know if you are connected to the device and computer.

The guitarlink unit give a good quality sound and feels like it is made to last. The unit itself is made from a heavier plastic, so you cant go slamming it around, but it isnt going to break with normal usage.

I am recommending this unit, as a home user and ameteur guitar player. I can’t say this device will work for a studio musician, because I dont think it would meet their needs. If you are just interested im recording your own music easily and inexpensively, get the Guitar Link UCG102. For the price and relative ease of use, you can’t beat it.

Overall, I would reccomend this device. It was easy to use, small enough to fit into my guitar case and made well. I did not like the included recording software. Personally, I found it to be confusing and hard to use. There is a definite cool factor of being able to record music easily to your computer, without having to bring out half a dozen devices and pedals. How many times have you been sitting around messing around on your guitar, come up with the beginning of an original song or a few chords that sound cool together and then forget them the next time you go to play it? Now there is no reason to forget.

You can find this product online at dozens of site and you can find out more intormation at


Using Kyle Scientific Scale-o-Rama with the choices being Buy It, Flip It, or Skip It, I am confident in giving this a FLIP IT.  If you are a guitar player who wants to record his riffs quickly this is for you, for the more serious musicians you can find better.  It is a quick and easy solution that needs better software with the product to push it to a better score.

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