Great Putty Drop of 2012 Results – The Techno Files Podcast Episode 13

   The Great Putty Drop of 2012 has come and gone and the result was amazing.  First, let me start with this.  Crazy Aaron is an absolutely amazing person to watch and demonstrate putty.  His knowledge of putty and love of putty really shines through as he talks about how you can stretch it and rip it and it all comes back together.

However, where Crazy Aaron really shines is when he gets a few people asking questions about the putty and you can see his smile shining through as he puts the putty through its paces.  He used the putty to demonstrate how this putty is “smart putty” which means you can stretch it out and magically it will come back to its original configuration.  He even showed how you can stretch the putty out and place one part on the table and the other stretched out part onto piece of paper and watch the paper slowly crawl across the table until it joined the other half on the table.

What everyone came to see was the Great Putty Drop of 2012.  The Franklin Institute held the demonstration right in the main lobby and Crazy Aaron and his assistant held center stage.  They did a few demonstrations with the kids slowly stretching out the putty and people around me were amazed that it could stretch so far and it didn’t break.  Then Aaron showed them that you can “snap” the putty in half and in the case of the Super Oil Slick putty you can snap the putty in half and show the middle of the putty is black, then you can run your finger across the middle black part of the putty and watch as it transforms into a yellow shimmer.  Simply amazing things you can do with putty.

If you want to give the great gift of putty head on over to and check out all the great putty the have available.  Now onto the MAIN EVENT!  The putty drop started with a decent size piece of putty that after the crowd was asked their prediction on what would happen to the putty, we gave a countdown and down comes the putty…and the putty made a loud splat and bounced up slightly but mostly it stretched out a bit.

The crowd was amazed and Crazy Aaron, and his very cool Marty McFly hat, had even more putty up his sleeve to drop.  The next putty dropped and it bounced quite high and Aaron caught it and tumbled over while catching it.  That got quite a few laughs and applause.  The next drop was the last one before the HUGE putty drop.  Again we gave the countdown and the putty plummeted from the sky and this one again bounced but not quite as high as the previous putty.

So in reviewing the first putty splatted and expanded, the next two bounced, and now the one we all came to see.  Predictions were made, bets were NOT placed, children were backed up, eyes shifted towards the ceiling, and even the people up in the cat walk dropping the putty had a hard time handling the putty.  The countdown started, the putty rocketed towards the floor and as it hit the bright orange putty exploded into chunks that showered down onto the blue tarp floor of the Franklin Institute.  Some of the kids were grabbing some putty and others were just awed in amazement.   Watching that putty spread apart like that was absolutely a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Following the demonstration Crazy Aaron handed out mini size tins of the heat color changing putty for the kids and he was available to sign your tin and the Franklin Institute was even selling larger tins of putty for you to take home and enjoy.  Crazy Aaron was signing those tins as well and was answering all types of questions people had about his putty.  Luckily for me he has agreed to an interview for my website and who knows maybe we can get him to be a guest on the podcast as well.

If you were wondering what gifts to give anyone on your holiday list believe me when I say you can’t go wrong with Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty from  So many cool things to do with putty and best of all, it won’t dry out.  Got any questions about putty Aaron is your man so what are you waiting for go get you some putty.  I have mine and I love playing with them and so does my son.  Check out the podcast we did about the event and where we even demo some of the putty we have laying around.

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