Automatically Sync Music and Podcasts in your Vehicle via USB Device

AUTOMATICA In-Vehicle Smart USB Device Automatically Syncs Podcasts, Music and Audiobooks for Fresh Audio Content On the Go
Users can feed audio content from Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Microsoft SkyDrive and podcast channels synced via a Wi-Fi connection to enjoy podcasts and tunes on the road
TORINO, Italy  –  INRETE, a long-standing European company with a focus on Internet services for the automotive industry, has introduced Automatica, a device that plugs into the vehicle’s USB without additional modifications and provides users the latest music or audiobook straight from a personal cloud storage service and podcast channels via the Automatica website.

This is not your father’s cd player, it’s your dropbox coming to life in your vehicle and always updating automatically. To use the Automatica, the user will need to have a USB port in their vehicle. Automatica creates a local cache of your contents and stores 24 hours of audio within the internal flash memory. Dropbox, Google Drive, Box or Microsoft SkyDrive users will enjoy flawless updates straight to the USB device so the latest content will always be readily available.

The set-up is user friendly with an initial personalization feature via the Automatica website where the user can choose the podcasts and cloud services they want to associate to the device.

Once the wi-fi is set up, there’s no need to connect the device to a computer to update, the wi-fi connectivity allows for automatic audio content updates. The device leverages the Wi-Fi available where you’re parked as well as your smartphone Wi-Fi tethering while driving.

“This plug and play device allows for users that have a USB port in their vehicle to enjoy instant audio content – without any further modifications to the vehicle.” states Giorgio Bernardi, President of INRETE. “Our goal is to simplify this process by making it easy to use, yet make it personal for each user with our online interface”.

INRETE Automatica Features and Benefits:
  • Connects to vehicle’s USB – no vehicle modifications needed
  • Automatica is easily read by the vehicle as it is recognized as a USB memory stick
  • Syncs intuitively with storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box,  Microsoft SkyDrive and podcast channels via Wi-Fi
  • Creates local cache of contents and stores 24hrs of audio within the internal flash memory (expandable with microSD slot)

INRETE’s Automatica is available for pre-order now via their website for $99 USD. To learn more about Automatica, visit

INRETE, headquartered in Italy, develops highly intuitive connected car technologies. Inrete has a history as an engineering company working for automotive research centers and AUTOMATICA is the first retail project brining the high-tech solution on the retail level. Automatica is located on the web at