Technology and The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is consistently the most-watched TV event of the year but how people watch the big game continues to evolve – thanks to technology.


According to a study conducted by mobile ad network Mojiva, the majority of Super Bowl XLVII viewers plan to utilize their smartphones to discuss the game with friends and family via text, IM or email and chat via social media. More than half of football fans have tablets and since the majority of tablet owners use their device as a “second screen,” sports fans will tap into their tablets to utilize apps, social media and check coverage and stats – in real time. Many fans will also keep laptops on-hand to look up Super Bowl related activity and watch the best-of-the best Super Bowl commercials.


To keep up with these viewing trends, CBS will deliver additional second-screen features through The network plans to feature alternative camera angles, a live stream of the Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show, immediate access to commercials, DVR functions to pause and replay events and much more content all optimized for laptops, desktops and tablets. Advertisers are also participating in the trend. Brands like Pepsi, Pizza Hut and Lincoln have capitalized on social media sites like Twitter and video uploads to build their ads for the event. Stay tuned for their ads during the game.


The inclusion of new technology in the Super Bowl viewing experience shows how we’re living the Borderless Lifestyle, leveraging the power of our converged networks to erase old technology boundaries to connect whenever we want and do whatever we wish, wherever we are, using the devices we prefer — laptops, desktops, netbooks, smartphones and tablets. The Borderless Lifestyle concept is something that Verizon FiOS has been researching via its Innovation Index survey series. Click here to learn more about the borderless lifestyle and consumer.


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