KM’s EDC Kit is Like Having MacGyver in Your Pocket for $44

edc kit
The EDC Kit is THE perfect accessory for any guy.  Simple enough, yet personally defined.  You carry the things that are relevant to your own life.  The idea is to keep it streamlined with an eye towards self-reliance- you want items that do the most while taking up as little pocket space as possible.
The pocket sized EDC kit turns your keychain into a set of productive tools for tackling common everyday tasks.

The Pry Bar* (essentially a mini crow-bar) is made of industrial-grade metal.  It will pry, pick, score, cut, lift, and pull apart a just about anything (i.e. nails, staples, boxes).

The Screwdriver Keys (one has a Phillips head, the other a flat head) are made of black oxide hardened steel and will take a door off its hinges!
The pointed Precision Tweezers* are for jobs tough and dainty alike.  Pulls out splinters and stitches or the odd eyesbrow hair.
The 1-Inch Capsule Lighter has a waterproof/airtight seal.  No water can get in, and no lighter fluid can get out.  It’s quick to light and always at hand.  Stands up on its own and stays lit until you blow it out, so it’ll double as a candle in an emergency romantic situations.
*Prior to Kaufmann-Mercantile, the Pry Bar and Precision Tweezers were exclusively available to the U.S. government.