The Techno Files Podcast Episode 16 – Tech21 and Impactology

When you purchase a new smartphone you look forward to having that device around for a long time.  There are plenty of ways to protect your device from scratch shields to help keep your screen looking nice to getting a great case for your phone to keep the phone intact.  I am sure everyone has a story of a phone dropping out of your hands and watching it slowly tumble end over end until it hits the floor and you watch it shatter.

So deciding which case you want to choose to protect your latest investment is a serious choice.  There are plenty to choose from each with its own unique personality.  You can go for zero protection but have a pretty case or you can get a solid case that adds a ton of bulk to your pocket.  So where do you find a good common ground.  Protection and simplicity.  Maybe you look towards advancement in sciences to help figure out this long debated question of what is the best way to protect your phone.

With the advancement of technology comes advancement in protection.  From Gorilla Glass from Corning helping to protect your screen from scratches and strengthening your screen to help keep it crack free if it were to fall.  To now finding the right material to protect against the rest of the phone without causing major internal damage from rapid acceleration and deceleration.  That is where the most damage comes from is the sudden stop from a fall and all the internal electronics can get jostled around.  So we turn to science to help us stop that problem.

Doing some research I found a company that is using something very unique in helping with the problem of phone droppage.  Tech21 is a UK based company using a very cool innovative product called D30 that is a liquid based gel but upon impact becomes solid and disperses the energy away from the device protecting your phone from major impacts.  They call it Impactology.

What is Impactology you might ask and how does it work?  Trust me I did too and when I interviewed them I get all the details and then some.  But for a more comprehensive look of what is Impactology we turn to Tech21 and their very own explanation of Impactology and D30.

 Impactology™ combines advanced science and pioneering innovation to deliver a unique, new level of protection for mobile devices, tablets and laptops. However, you don’t need to be a mad scientist with a PhD to see exactly how effective it can be.

It’s all about the molecules inside the revolutionary D3O® Impact Material. In everyday use, the molecules flow freely, but upon shock or impact they lock together – absorbing the impact force and spreading the shock evenly across the surface of the material. That means your device stays in one piece, no matter how hard the impact!

What makes Impactology™ unique is the secret ingredient D3O® Impact Material used within our designs. It’s composed of a non-Newtonian polymer with an intelligent molecular structure. So clever in fact, that it has been adopted worldwide by the military for its power in impact protection on the battlefield.

So if you want to see just how well D30 actually does live during my exclusive interview with Tech21 just jump over and watch the video located here.  So with the constant evolution of technology and the smartphone becoming more of an integral part of society it becomes more apparent with phone companies and even accessory makers will be looking to new technology to protect your valuables.  Who knows maybe something that is developed for your electronic devices makes it way onto the battlefield to protect our soldiers.  For now let’s just worry about not cracking our smartphone.

Article first published as Tech21 and D30 Change How You Protect Your Technology on Technorati.