Bluetone Solo with X-Bass review

The Bluetone Solo with X-Bass bluetooth speaker by DIVOOM joins a very crowded market.  Bluetooth speakers are becoming quite popular as a way to transport your songs and play them for a crowd.  While it isn’t the biggest Bluetooth speaker on the market it is still very useful in the ways you can use it.  While just half the size of a soda can this little speaker can pack a punch.


The Bluetune Solo ($49.99, also comes in black, white, blue and red.

The Bluetune Solo has only one speaker speaker which points upward and sits behind a small grill on top. Also on the top is the speaker’s only button, used to answer or end phone calls and to put the speaker in pairing mode. An on/off switch on the bottom is the only other control. Since there is no other buttons for Volume control that is handled via your device.

There is another small grill around the bottom that helps bring out the low end when the speaker is placed on a flat surface.  That is where Divoom really excels in the low end spectrum.  Divoom claims the speaker has a “sound system featuring patented PO-Bass Technology”.  What does that mean?  I don’t know but I do know that the sound is amazing.

There is a rechargeable battery that is charged via mini-USB and has a playing time of about eight hours.  When you take the speaker out of the box you can pair it instantly and the Bluetune Solo will blink twice to let you know it is in pairing mode.  The speakerphone portion of the device sounds really good.  The speaker can also act as a Bluetooth receiver for your home stereo or powered computer speakers by connecting to its 3.5mm output.  With the same 3.5mm output you can connect another speaker to it to chain together and create even bigger sound output.

Final Thoughts

Like I said earlier it isn’t the biggest Bluetooth speaker on the market but for its price and sound output it is a great option.  Limited with only one function button and no volume control can be a bit of a pain when you want to really crank out the jams.  It works great for speakerphone capabilities and also as a speaker for your home music enjoyment.  Only downside like I said was the lack of volume control but that isn’t enough to discard it.  After putting it through its paces Kyle’s Scientific Scale-o-Rama will grade this on a few criteria and come back with a judgment of either Skip It, Flip It or Buy It.  Careful thought and exploring leads me to a verdict of Buy It.  A solid speaker with a great price point, you can’t beat that.

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