NoWait takes the wait out of the waiting game

nowait-whatsmyplaceI bet you are just like me when it comes to dining out.  You pick a restaurant and then drive there and see a big line and you just don’t feel like waiting for hours at the restaurant and smelling the food, seeing the people ahead of you get seated and generally just stuck at the restaurant waiting.  NoWait takes all that away.  NoWait is helping to revolutionize the restaurant waiting experience.

First founded in PA, tech startup NoWait is an iPad-based table and customer management tool for restaurants that uses a text message service to seat customers more efficiently. Similar to what OpenTable has done for reservation restaurants, NoWait is improving the walk-in diner experience, and they’ve partnered with busy Philly restaurants like Village Whiskey, Zavino’s Pizzeria and Nomad Pizza to bring that experience to Philadelphia diners.

After a strong start with PA restaurants, NoWait has expanded nationally and is seating more than 1 million diners each month at more than 3,000 restaurants across the country.

How it works: When a diner puts their name in for a table at a restaurant, they receive a text that estimates their wait time, and actually let’s them track where they are on the wait list, so they can plan other activities while they wait accordingly. When their table is ready, they’ll receive a text letting them know when to come back to the restaurant. In the meantime, restaurants can share information to diners about food and drink specials, and any other upcoming opportunities.

That is simply amazing and easy to use.  No word yet on if they plan to roll it out to Android users.  Check out the interview I had today with the CEO of NoWait, Ware Sykes.  We will talk more in depth about NoWait and what the future holds for the App itself.