HomeZada app helps you build home equity

Real estate prices are on the rise, and while the rumor of higher interest rates lurks in the wings many homeowners are now rushing to complete home improvement projects. A recent survey revealed that 60% of homeowners plan to make some type of upgrade or remodel their home this summer. In many cases homeowners will be trying to cash in on a higher sale price so they can buy up to a nicer or larger home.

HomeZada is a new app for Android and iOS that enables homeowners to determine how much projects are going to cost them, determine what supplies will be needed, comparison shop and track their budget until project completion. Hundreds of home improvement projects are already loaded into the app with shopping lists and other valuable information at hand. With HomeZada even the greenest DIY-er won’t be caught unawares and over budget because they didn’t realize a new kitchen backsplash would require renting or buying a tile cutter.

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Finally Become the Master of Your Domain with HomeZada

Online and mobile software helps you organize and manage your home

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SACRAMENTO, CA – Remembering the last time the furnace filter was changed, batteries in smoke detectors were tested or the mattress was flipped is difficult for homeowners to track and recall on top of all the other tasks that must be accomplished on a daily basis. Now, technology can help with smart recommendations based on your unique and personalized digital home profile. HomeZada is online and mobile software for homeowners that helps manage seasonal maintenance tasks, plan for home improvement projects, organize important paperwork and keep a home inventory.


First-time and seasoned homeowners can benefit from the many features HomeZada offers to users for free. HomeZada users can log in to their accounts to access over 150 home maintenance, yard work, cleaning and organizing tasks. Tasks can be selected and added to the To-Do List Calendar with customized reminder dates and frequency of occurrence. Users receive an email reminder for each task as it comes due so maintenance work is never forgotten again. HomeZada even puts an end to family arguments over who is responsible for which task by giving users the ability to assign each task to a particular family member or third-party vendor such as a landscaper.


In addition to reminding homeowners about essential home maintenance tasks, HomeZada can also be used to plan and budget for small and large home improvement projects. Homeowners can use HomeZada’s library of common projects for assistance in determining what materials and equipment will be needed, develop a timeline for execution and forecast total cost of completion.


Finally, HomeZada helps homeowners create an in-depth inventory of their home’s contents. Room by room, homeowners are able to enter furniture, appliances, knick-knacks, assign a price to each possession, upload photos, receipts, warranty and user manual documents for safe-keeping in case of fire, burglary or other catastrophic event. This valuable database of the home’s contents can even be downloaded as a PDF, printed and given to a home insurance company.


“HomeZada revolutionizes the way homeowners manage the many aspects of homeownership by bringing together multiple applications and content in one easy to use, online solution,” said co-founder Elizabeth Dodson. “HomeZada is much more than a new closet system or plastic container organizer that makes life less cluttered. HomeZada is the only company that organizes and manages the important things homeowners tend to put off or have scattered in different locations, such as an inventory of possessions, home maintenance checklists, To-Do lists, home improvement projects, and home spending.”


HomeZada is available in a free Essentials package, and a Premium package with more features and services for $5.95 per month. HomeZada accounts can be accessed via most popular web browsers or by downloading the HomeZada mobile app to iPhone, iPod and Android devices. For more information and to create an account today, visit: http://www.homezada.com.


About HomeZada

HomeZada is an innovative online home organization software application that helps homeowners manage their household and keep it running smoothly. It’s the first web and mobile solution that manages your home inventory, home maintenance, home improvement projects, home To-Dos and home spending all in one central, secure, and easily accessible place. For more information, visit: www.homezada.com.