Helen Gordon of You Can Fight discusses self defense

I got the chance to interview Helen for my podcast for TheTechnoFiles.com during our interview we talk about You Can Fight, how her app works and just how easy it will be for females of all ages to learn simple self defense techniques to help prepare themselves against a would be attacker. Women can now learn to better defend themselves against attack by putting a black belt in their pockets with the new YOU CAN FIGHT app, the first self-defense instructional app designed specifically for women, by a woman and featuring a woman.

YOU CAN FIGHT is the brainchild of third-degree black belt Helen Anzalone Gordon, a Los Angeles-based mother, actress and successful acting coach who has trained in the martial arts for more than 20 years. Available June 2013 ($1.99),YOU CAN FIGHT was created by Gordon for most mobile electronic devices as a convenient way to teach real-life martial arts techniques that will make the difference if a woman is attacked or finds herself in a threatening situation.
I spoke with Helen Gordon the brains and muscle behind the concept of You Can Fight and was able to really understand more about how You Can Fight came about and how it will really empower women to help defend themselves against an attacker or anyone wanting to harm you.

“The simple methods I demonstrate in this app can get women out of potentially harmful situations and may even possibly save their lives,” explains Gordon, a martial arts instructor for more than 13 years.

“Nobody wants to fight but if push comes to shove and there’s no way to walk away, that’s the time to go into action to avoid being victimized,” adds Gordon. “Learning the techniques in this app will give women confidence, and with that confidence they’ll realize they never have to be a victim because they know that You Can Fight!”

YOU CAN FIGHT features short, easy-to-understand HD video lessons covering four critical self-defense moves —Wrist Grab DefensePunch DefenseBody Grab Defense and Choke Defense – designed to teach viewers how to effectively react to these common attack scenarios. These simple techniques, packaged all together in this handy and easily-maneuverable app, can be executed like a pro with a little practice.

“The convenience of this app allows women to take these video lessons wherever they go, making them easy to review and practice, anytime and anywhere,” concludes Gordon. “The more you practice, the better you will get. Violent crimes happen every day in our world, and being prepared to protect yourself is key. The ‘You Can Fight’ app helps make that preparation a very simple process, like having a black belt in your pocket.”You Can Fight is an Android and Apple iOS based application for you to use on your smartphone or tablet that will teach you how to defend yourself against an attacker.

So if you or someone you know could benefit from this app then do not hesitate to give it to them and let them have that knowledge and confidence that they will be able to defend themselves if someone were to attack them. This is a great app for the college aged girls and young teenagers. Don’t think you still can’t learn even if you are older it really is an all age app but would really help the younger females.