Wodify helps you think outside the box

Fitness and technology often go hand in hand.  Crossfit is no different.  However it wasn’t until recently that the technology and fitness aspects of Crossfit combined and created a monster.  That monster is named WodifyWodify is an all-in-one solution for a Crossfit owner/operator.  Whiteboards usually are the predominant norm in a Crossfit “box” where the trainer writes down the exercises and then they have to write down everyone’s score at the end of each exercise.  It can be time consuming and with fitness time wasted is never recovered.

What Wodify allows you, the owner, to do is streamline your business to help you maximize its potential.  From Social Media Marketing all the way to Athlete Billing, Wodify does it all.  Wodify is the best tool for new Crossfit owners to get up and running and maximize revenue and start making back your initial investment with Wodify.

Wodify has tools to help you attract and retain athletes, tools to run your box, and tools to analyze and stay on top.  It really is the most complete system available.  You can integrate Wodify into your already existing website to push your WOD online as well as Facebook.  You can even schedule classes and so who is going to be attending as well as who no-showed.

One of the very unique aspects of Wodify and their website is that when you are interested in learning more about Wodify you can see just how long it will take you to become profitable based on amount of people who have in your “Box”, software costs, how much you charge per athlete,  plus the big screen TV’s.  All these factors will help the owner of the Crossfit gym understand and see just how profit can be generated in a short amount of time with the help of Wodify.

Wodify will help provide you the systems and hardware to get going but it does come with a monthly subscription.  For example I decided to try out the calculations system and I put in that my Crossfit gym has 100 members, paying $50 dollars a month, the software cost of $100 and I need a Mac system to run the software plus I needed 1 55” big-screen TV.

So with those calculations my initial investment into Wodify is $2297, with a Wodify cost of $182 monthly.  I have a 2% retention and attraction as well.  So my profit per month will be $196 and it will take 12 months for me to become profitable and have my initial investment to Wodify taken care of.

Now these numbers can change based on number of athletes you have and your monthly cost, or if you don’t need the big screen TV’s or Mac computer.   All these factors will dictate your initial investment with Wodify.

That initial startup costs really aren’t that big of a deal when you see just how much Wodify really helps with your operating of your gym.  Helps you manage costs and track all your athletes it really is an amazing product.  Feel free to take a look for yourself.  I was able to see Wodify in action and it was quite the experience.

Wodify got in touch with one of my local Crossfit boxes that supports and runs Wodify.  So I ventured down there to get my work out on.  I never once did Crossfit and when I do work out it is usually lifting weights some light cardio and I am good to go.  Well Crossfit isn’t like that at all.  After meeting my coach for the day and introducing ourselves to the group we got down to stretching and working out.  I was already moaning and grunting with the simple stretches.  Then when it came to the workout that is where my body just shut down.  It kicked my butt so bad I had to take a break and hit up the bathroom to vomit all the liquids I had consumed that morning.  I couldn’t believe it.  Crossfit was trying to kill me.  So I had to stop but the rest of the group soldiered on and the support the people were giving was amazing.

After the exercises were done the group went up to the Wodify terminal and put in their stats and I was able to see how Wodify worked first hand.  It is a very crisp and clean interface and was easy for all users to use.

So if you are running a Crossfit gym and you want to see your gym really succeed you should look into bringing Wodify into your gym.  Wodify is a huge family and a great support system for its users.  Wodify users can also access Wodify on their smartphones and can input their own stats as they workout.  Wodify is a great all-in-one product and system.