ECBC Tomahawk bags wrap your technology in quality

When I talked with the great people of ECBC for my podcast, I was much like most of you.  I would go out and find a carrier bag that fit my laptop and didn’t really think much of it.  Sadly I was mistaken, lucky for me that all changed with the great people at ECBC.  You see ECBC wants you to actually enjoy your laptop bag. They have gone out of their way to make sure you are not only stylish when it comes to wrapping your laptop and various other electronics, but they also bring functionality as well.  With so many zippers and pockets you will be hard pressed not to find a place for all your devices and cables and so much more.

Before we go any further let us take a look at the specifications of the bag itself.


  • Black – B7204-10
  • Grey – B7204-20

Fits Screen Size:

  • Up to 17″

External Dimensions:

  • 22.3″ x 13.5″ x 4.5″
  • 56.6cm x 34cm x 11.4cm

Construction Material:

  • 840D HD nylon Body
  • 1680D HD nylon Base

External Features:

  • Main Flap Front Zip Pocket
  • Top Zip Pocket for access without opening the bag
  • Side Pocket for iPhone and water bottle
  • Carry Handle constructed of Nylon Tube Webbing + Foam Top carry Handle
  • TSA-friendly FastPass foldout compartment for quicker security checks
  • Luggage Trolley Pass-through featured on the back panel

Internal Features:

  • Zippered Pockets for storage
  • iPad fleece lined Pocket
  • Organizer Panel
  • Key Fob

To say you will get lost with all the pockets is quite understated, I have had this bag for quite some time and I am still finding neat little places that I missed before.  So much time and effort has been taken into making this bag very different from anything else you will see.  Even the small details like a cover for the zipper so you don’t see it standing out was taken into account.

The designer of the bag is quite an interesting man and he can talk for hours, if you let him, on all things design and what goes into a ECBC bag.  With that being said it is still an amazing bag that is great for travel and business.  They took into account TSA regulations and have implemented features to help you zip through the security lines without having to take EVERYTHING out of your laptop bag and instead a simple unzip and boom it opens up to show the security agents everything they would need to know and see in your laptop bag.

You can even attach it to your travel bag via a pass through in the back so you can stack it on top of your trolley luggage bag and boom you are good to go without having to figure a way to shoulder this and carry that.  They did all the work for you.

When speaking on comfortability the people at ECBC didn’t skimp on this either.  The shoulder strap is a nice big cushion and also the underneath of it has some grip on it so it doesn’t go sliding around on your shoulder, it just stays in place.  The strap isn’t so long it is hard to reach everything, it is placed perfectly to sit on your hip for easy access.

So for those of you who enjoy a huge screen to watch movies and work and find it hard to get your hands on a good…no…a great bag to travel and carry around the Tomahawk Bag from ECBC is the way to go.