Hub It is your one stop connection hub you will ever need

HUB_IT_many_devices_1In the land of connections and devices versatility is key. If that is the case than HUB IT Sync and Charge station from is king of the universe. HUB IT allows you to connect 7 devices at once, but wait there is more, not only can you charge your devices you can sync them at the same time. All that plus it runs on USB 3.0 speeds and you have an all in one station for any of your device needs.

The station itself is very customizable and the docking stations allow you to decide which connections you need. By simply taking one station out and replacing it with another you allow yourself limitless chances to customize your station. Switching out connections is very easy and doesn’t take a lot of mechanical know how to do it. I have had a few people tell me that the HUB IT station itself made them feel confident that they could be able to allow themselves a bit more freedom when it comes to doing technology related functions for themselves rather than call on their younger counterparts.

Testing out the HUB IT was fun to do and I found myself playing with the retractable connectors for the better part of the day. Once I installed the software, that has upgradeable firmware as well, then I ran around the house trying to gather up all my devices I could find and connect them to really check out how well this HUB IT station can handle the task of being the true station of all stations.

So I took the HUB IT out of the box. Connected the station to my laptop with the USB 3.0 cable and plugged in the HUB IT to the outlet for power and I was ready to go. First I just looked at the station itself and noticed its nice clean lines and very smooth look and it just looks like something from the future in the present. Now it was on to the testing phase.

Needless to say the HUB IT station performed magically. All my devices were charging quicker and I was able to transfer numerous files from phone to phone and camera to laptop without any hesitation. It made me want to buy more connectors to try more devices. With more than 10,000 devices that the HUB IT station is compatible with you might have the same feeling I did and just go out and buy other devices to try and beat the HUB IT station.

My station included a microUSB, miniUSB, 30pin Apple connector and an Apple Lightning connector. I found myself noticing all the cables I have laying around my house from all my various devices and thought about all that clutter and how the HUB IT station severely reduces my clutter how could you not love the HUB IT even more.

Changing out the cartridges is very simple. Pop the top and take it out. The HUB IT station itself looks like a futuristic pyramid base. Square sides that have openings where the connectors sit. Lifting up on the edges opens up the inside chambers. There you will see 9 chambers in which to house all your connectors. The main four connectors adorn each opening and switching them out is very easy to do. Simply lift up and replace with a new connector, make sure to match up the pins to the board and you are good to go with a new connector.

In addition to the four connection points around the HUB IT is also 3 USB 3.0 slots are also available for you to use as well. So to go over this again you get 4 USB 3.0 cartridge connectors and 5 Power cartridges. Now when I say Power cartridges I am talking about added functions of wireless mobile charging, battery backup so you can use the HUB IT without having to be plugged into a wall outlet, plus other features that may be coming out in the near future. As technology changes so will the HUB IT and having flexibility will help you manage new technology and devices and capabilities.

So if you have someone in your life that has a slew of devices and you are tired of all the cables laying around, get the HUB IT station NOW. If you are someone who likes to keep all your devices updated and sync’d up with breakneck speeds, GET A HUB IT. This device truly is a great piece of technological breakthrough and design. Enough of my blatherings it is time to take the HUB IT Sync and Charger station from into a super secret laboratory and come back with a rating. Now we hand it over to our crack team of scientists and mouth droolers who use The TechnoFiles Scientific Scale-o-Rama with ratings of Buy It, Skip It or Flip It. The results are in and the score is a BUY IT! This is the one stop device for all your gadget needs, it charges, it syncs, if it could it would make julienne fries. Head on over to and get one for yourself and a friend for the holidays.