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My name is Kyle Leishear and I started The Techno Files as an extension of my online writing portfolio.  I write for the Examiner.com Philadelphia Section in there Tech and Gadget area and I just enjoy writing.  I also have written for a Philadelphia area based Magazine called Urban Suburban and I write for the Small Business Advice for Bizymoms.com.

I enjoy technology and gadgets as well as movies and video games and anything I can find technology in.  I also have a young son who I adore with all my heart and I am trying to get him into technology as well.  So far he really loves Wall-E and that is a good start.

I started this website to get my view on technology and gadgets out to the world and see if I can find like minded people who also enjoy a very unique look on things.  A lot of the time I will just be blabbering on about the same news you can find elsewhere and I understand how that might not seem unique.  The uniqueness is really shown when I am able to take a product into my hands and show you from my point of view how I see it and how I picture it in the world of technology.

I enjoy doing videos and will try and keep doing them as time permits.  Remember I do have a full time job and a young son to worry about and both of them take up a good portion of time.  I even try to get my son involved in the technology when I get the time with him.  So if you know a company or a product that would like to get reviewed and put up on the website don’t be afraid to drop a line at kleishear@thetechnofiles.com you can also follow us on Twitter at @thetechnofiles and thanks for stopping by and reading.

In my short amount of time I have worked with some great companies and hopefully will continue to do so and make some great reviews for all to enjoy.

If you would like to contact us at The Techno Files feel free

Kyle Leishear