A VIP Lounge interview with Charisma Cappelli

Everyone has a backstory.  Some are more interesting than others.  Mine for example is unique.  Before I was writing my own website on Tech and Gadget news I used to be a DJ at a few Philly area Gentleman Clubs.  In my travels I have had some very interesting events happen to me and I got to meet some fantastic people whom I consider friends.  One of those people is Charisma Cappelli.  Now that name might not jump right off at you at the moment, but I mean just look at her, how could you not want her to jump right off the page and onto you?  Not only is she attractive and drop dead sexy, she is also very funny and down to earth.

When I started the VIP Lounge I wanted to make sure I would be able to talk about Technology and Gadgets with a wide array of subjects.  Most only see Adult Film stars as just that and nothing else.  However I know that behind the scenes are some fantastic people who are just like you and me and are geeks to the core and hopefully I can interview some more and show you a new perspective.

I will say this, my first impression of Charisma was hysterical, she walked into the club and set up her DVD’s and photos and then unveils this LIFE SIZE (mind you it was as tall as me and I am 6’4)  stand up poster of her next to the DJ Booth.  Needless to say I was quite impressed and I even mentioned to her, “do you have that thing just standing up at your house all the time?”  We laughed and from there I went on to entertain her while she wasn’t dancing and low and behold she is my first guest into the VIP Lounge.

All that really means is she has the pick of the food that I have laid out on the table for the guests and all the chairs and couches are super comfy.  Now let’s get down to the business and check out our interview.  I will add my very unneeded commentary after some questions if I so desire.



Single or married or not looking?

Not looking right now.


What do you sleep in?

Baggy clothes for sure or naked depending on if it’s hot or not.

(tell me you wouldn’t crank up the heat in the house all the time?)-KL


What does a guy have to do to seduce you?

Have a great personality, and can carry on a. Intellectual conversation. Have a great smile. Lol I’m pretty basic there!


Favorite genre of TV and Movies?

Definitely comedy. I love to laugh :)D

Shows: family guy, true blood, Dexter, weeds, teen mom lol.


Have you ever or do you currently read any comic books if so what is your favorite?

Comics, a few I really like the old school batman issues.


What gadgets and technology devices rule your life?

Definitely my vibrator, and my iPhone. I also have to throw in my car as well.

(at least she is honest with the vibrator, I think the iPhone could replace it if it had the proper app)-KL


Do you use social networking?  If so which ones and how often do you respond to fans?

Twitter, Facebook, I will start webcaming soon. I just need a new laptop and I will be a better person to keep in contact with my fans. Lol.


Are you a gamer and if so favorite game?

Hell yes! I’m a rpg girl. Zelda is my all time favorite, god of war is pretty up there as well.

(I didn’t picture her to be an RPG girl)-KL


Which gaming system are you running now?

I have the wii ps3 and a broken x box lol.


Do you play any online games like Words For Friends on your phone or other mediums?

I sometimes will get on and play, I like to play too boost my vocabulary. Lol. I am addicted to tiny zoo app on my iPhone.


What were your dreams as a kid?

To live a long healthy life and be successful.


If you were stranded on an island with no phone but were given three pieces of technology what would they be and why?

I’d love to have the Internet and a laptop also a flashlight. I’d love to be stranded for about a week however I need civilization so I would seek to get the fuck out of there about a weeks time lol. A flashlight for night cuz I would be scared shitless. To be exact a battery operated flashlight with the solor charge that way it wont die out the wrong damn time. Seen to many movies that went wrong lol.

(I like that she bases her survival on movies she has seen, also why not just get the shake light..no battery just shake it a bunch and you get light.  Who wouldn’t love to be stranded on an island with internet connection…takes the whole stranded on an island bit out of the question)-KL


Being as sexy as you are do you ever just sit around the house nude just taking photos of yourself or are you completely different person away from the set?

Hell yeah. I’m down to earth chill and fun on set and off set. I take photos time to time but not over obsessively.

(you can’t tell me if you were dating her you would just have cameras all around the house with motion detectors)-KL


Say you were out and about and a guy who runs a Tech and Gadget website were to come up and say HI and show you a magic trick how much of a shot does he have with you?

I would be interested in a show, but again if there is a connection that is one thing; but if there is not then I would say the friend zone would be best.

(Thank goodness I am a decent magician as well.  As far as connection I got all types of connector types…oh wait she wasn’t talking those connections…I am hopeless)-KL


What is something that you do that some people would consider nerdy?

I love to play video games time to time. I am also a movie person. I collect movies and I have over 2000 DVDs.

(2,000 DVD’s I am hoping that most of them aren’t Rom-Com’s)-KL


Do you ever go to adult conventions and if so what is it like?

I do from time to time. I love going to socialize, but times are tough right now and all expenses come out of my pocket and sometimes it’s to hard to make the set plans.


Has any fan scared you while out and about?  Or do you not get recognized while out with friends?

I have gotten recognized a lot of the past few years. I can say I have never been scared or threaten by any one.


For those people out there that don’t know you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got to where you are now.

Im from the mid west. I am down to earth a lil social butterfly. I love the outdoors. One of my favorite hobbies is fishing. I love to have a good time and make sure that I try to live everyday as it is my last.

(How many of you reading this already has a “you can play with my rod” joke ready to go as well?)-KL

Do you have goals and projects outside of the adult business?

I do have goals. I want to finish college and eventually wean out of the industry and settle down.


Some of your favorite things to do when not working?

Watch movies, go camping, play video games time to time. Chill with my friends.


Ever been with a guy who didn’t know you were in the business and then spring it on them?  If so what was their reaction?

I sure haven’t. I will always let that person know. Not to be all conceited about it any means. Just that you never know that that may be Mr. Right and I don’t ever want to start a relationship in a lie.


What do you guys talk about while on set to pass the time?

Whatever is on the persons mind. There has been some set stories that will crack anyone up. I have laughed so hard I’ve cried before. Everyone is usually 90% of time down to earth. We all say if were going to be around each other for x amount of hours better off being fun and friendly than being miserable.

(I almost picture them to be diversifying their stock portfolio’s, and no that wasn’t a pun either)-KL


Funniest thing you have seen on set?

I saw a new girl who came into the industry and she was doing anal. In anal you properly need to take the steps to prepare. The poor girl thought she had to drink the enema and not place it up the anus. She couldn’t understand why it was so messy and she was under the weather. The director told this girl to enema again and she said i already drank one and am not going to do it again. I felt so sorry for this young thing.

(Why does that sound like a common thing in that industry?  Maybe if she was promised ice cream afterwards she would have been better prepared.)-KL


Who would be your dream celebrity to meet in person?

Seth McFarland. He makes me laugh and I would love to have a conversation with him one day if ever given the chance.

(Like it was mentioned at the Charlie Sheen roast…you could pass Seth in a mall and never know it was him..he is that unrecognizable)-KL


DO you enjoy any sports?  If so which ones?

Yes I do. Canoeing is a fun time, I love softball and miss being out on the field. Once I settle down, I am going to get back on the field. But now with me traveling so much i can’t get on a league. But that time will come again!!!

(Yes folks again who was thinking of a softball/sex joke connection..they really do write themselves)-KL


Do you consider yourself a girly girl or a guy’s girl?

Def a guys girl. I am not girly any means. Don’t get me wring I will doll up time to time. But I’d prefer to be natural hair up no makeup.


Is it possible to still amaze you with my magic tricks?

Absolutely yes!! I never get bored even if those acts are the same.

(So you are saying I still have a chance!  YES!)-KL


Finally if you want to plug anything or promote anything feel free to do so here!


My website www.clubcharismaxxx.com

Facebook Charisma Cappelli 

Twitter @CharismaXXX


Well that just about wraps up the very first guest in the VIP Lounge.  I hope you had a fun time reading this and if you want throw some suggestions on who else you would like to see in the Lounge for some couch time.  Charisma also said that as soon as she gets her new laptop she will be setting up a WebCam for video streaming on her sight.  Hmm somehow I must have lost my membership package in the mail….I swear it had a few DVD’s and autographed pictures, a hair doll…wait what?  How did that get in there?

Anyways thanks again for reading my interview with the very lovely and funny Charisma Cappelli who I consider a friend and by the end of this she considers me “a problem”.  Kidding I hope!  I mean how can you not love this girl…look at how goofy she can be.  I almost think this is how she felt answering my goofy questions.


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