A VIP Lounge Sit down with Aurora Snow

Next up in the TheTechnoFiles VIP lounge is a girl who I have worked with in the past in one of my previous ventures into entertainment.  No not that type of work!  We used to co-host a radio show called the Keith and Kyle Show (I was the Kyle in that equation in case you didn’t know) and Aurora Snow was our co-host for the female perspective as we talked about sex and various other avenues in sex.  I brought the comedy and Aurora brought the hotness and smarts.

So when I started thinking about people who I would love to interview for my website who I know would be entertaining I contacted Aurora.  After a long journey (she is super freaking busy) I finally got her to sit still for a few seconds and answer some questions for you and her fans to enjoy.  Normally she is uses to being bombarded with sexual question after sexual question and not much else.  Well here at TheTechnoFiles.com we try to flip the script and mingle in some tech talk with some light sex thrown in for some fun.  As usual I will have a little comment or two after her answer to have some fun.  Enjoy!


So tell us a little about yourself for people who have no idea who you are?

AS:  I am Aurora Snow, multi- award winning actress, model  and writer. Though most people may recognize me from my days as a Playboy TV host, or from the 600 adult movies I’ve appeared in, or perhaps from my multiple appearances on Howard Stern.  I have also made several mainstream cameos, from Rules of Attraction to SuperBad.

I didn’t know she did over 600 movies, I have been slacking on my video watching habits.


The question every guy has after seeing you in a movie….single or married or not looking?

AS:  I am perpetually single; though find myself in some interesting relationships from time to time. However having and maintaining a relationship in this business is a difficult task, so I find it far more satisfying to have several relationships at once, taking something different from each one.

Of course I might turn into a mushy romantic one day soon if I stumble across the right man.

If by stumble she means I set up a trip wire so she “falls for me” then I need to get down to the hardware store and get to work.  I like her take on relationships though


What do you sleep in?

AS:  Nothing but Chanel No 5.

God bless this woman…god bless her indeed.  Just imagine if you robbed her house and she busted through the door in that outfit.  I would drop all the stuff and say thank you and then kindly clean the mess I had made around the house.


What does a guy have to do to seduce you?

AS:  It’s pretty easy really, listen to me pay attention to me, don’t be rude, be gentle and kind to those around you but don’t be afraid to dominate and take some decisive actions.

Words to live by.


Favorite types of movies, tv shows to watch?

AS:  I’ve  been really into Showtime’s “Shameless” series with William H. Macy. And South Park is an old favorite of mine. Who doesn’t love South Park? Other than that, I used to love Scrubs and Carnival.

She has some great taste in TV shows.  I wonder if she has ever heard of The Guild?


What gadgets and technology devices rule your life?

AS: My Blackberry and Nook. I love my Nook. Might be addicted.

I love playing the Wii and PSP.

Not only does she love her Blackberry she has been known to lose it a few times and didn’t think she would be addicted to the Nook.  I would love to watch her play the Wii and running around all crazy like.


Do you use social networking?  If so which ones and how often do you respond to fans?

AS:  Twitter!!!! I never got into Facebook, but have loved Twitter from the beginning. Catch me @MissAuroraSnow

Folks she is a twittering fool.


Favorite gaming system of all time?

AS:  Can I be an old fashioned geek and say Super Nintendo? If not I must say I love the Super Mario games and therefore have to go with Wii or the Xbox.

Dear Aurora you can be as oldschool as you want and still know how to rock it.  Who doesn’t love Super Mario games?


Which gaming system are you running now?

AS:  I play a lot of Wii games. I love the sports and Mario games.

Hmm, I almost want to challenge her to a Wii Sports Game-off


What were your dreams as a kid?

AS:  As a small child all I wanted to do was grow up to be an author. However I knew I needed to live an interesting life to collect material for the book I wanted to write one day. Pretty sure I’ve almost accomplished that.

Pretty sure?  You have lived a very extraordinary life.  It would make a hell of a book.


Would you consider yourself a nerdy girl?

AS:  Definitely! I read a Popular Science and Wired. That makes me one sexy little geek!

She reads Popular Science?  Those folks over there should sign her to an endorsement deal. You are indeed one sexy little geek.


If you were stranded on an island with no phone but were given three pieces of technology what would they be and why?

AS:  No phone? Yikes! Well, if I had to choose I suppose I would go with my Nook,  a wifi enabled solar powered laptop and a satellite receiver.

She really is a geek bringing out the solar powered laptop.  Good for her being a lil inventive


How often are you naked taking photos of yourself?

AS:  At least twice a week… maybe a little more but that’s tough to admit… lol.

Two words sum this up so nicely.  Good lord!


If a guy named Kyle were to come up to you and say “hi” how much of a shot do I….er..he have and what would be the best way to chat you up?

AS:  You should always lead with, “Can I buy you a drink?

I tend to lead with a magic trick


Best Video Game character of all time?

AS:  Yoshi. He’s so cute. And he eats anything!

I think that might be a first someone liking Yoshi as their all time favorite.  She is unique to say the least


Favorite Video Game you play currently?

AS:  Super Mario. I’m old fashioned like that.

Who doesn’t love an Italian plumber who can fly, throw fireballs, have a raccoon tail, and save a princess?


What are some of your outside interests that when you tell people they wouldn’t think you would be into?

AS:  I love to cook!

We all love to eat.  Match made in heaven.


Has any fan scared you while out and about?  Or do you not get recognized while out with friends?

AS:  No, everyone I’ve met have always been very respectful.

Whew, thank goodness no creepy guys coming up to her.  Though I think she could handle her own with her fists of fury.


How do you handle going to conventions?  Do you get excited to be around the fans and sign autographs?

AS:  I love doing signings and meeting fans. One of my favorite parts of my job.

I wish I could get a few things signed.  Hell I would have her sign things she wasn’t even in like Lord of the Rings just to have her signature.


Are you happy in getting recognized in other mediums other than the adult entertainment business?

AS:  Yes, I love getting recognized and I love expanding my career.

I wonder how many guys have recognized her but never went up to her and just giggled and pointed and acted like silly little girls?


Do you find it weird to start crossing into mainstream?

AS:  No, it isn’t weird at all. I think of myself as an entertainer and therefore crossing over into other areas of entertainment makes perfect sense.

She is a great entertainer and when we would have commercial breaks on the radio show she would have me laughing with her stories of her pets sleeping arrangements.


Some of your favorite things to do when not working?

AS:  Walking in the rain, cooking, scrapbooking and reading my Nook.

Simply a perfect girl


Ever been with a guy who didn’t know you were in the business and then spring it on them?  If so what was their reaction?

AS:  No, most people have recognized me even if they weren’t able to admit it at first.

I always picture a guy to be clueless to the fact of who she is and his buddies have to show him kind of like “Girl Next Door”.


How does it feel to be the envy of many guys who never thought a girl as attractive as you would be into nerdy guys like us?

AS:  Nerds are sexy. Smart is a turn on.

You hear that America!  WE ARE SEXY!  Now let me get my inhaler.


What do you guys talk about while on set to pass the time?

AS:  Guys on set talk about what they want to do after work, whether it’s grabbing dinner or hooking up or going home to their girl.

Hmm never talking about knitting?  How odd.


Funniest thing you have seen on set?

AS:  Girl in the scene before mine was deep throating her toy, pulling up mass amounts of spit mixed with vomit here and there. When she was finished playing with herself and tried to leave the set, she slipped in her spit mixture and fell face first into it. Not sure if that’s funny, but she laughed at herself which made it all okay.

I agree that is hilarious.



Who would be your dream celebrity to meet in person?

AS:  Quentin Tarantino. I love his work.

Can’t wait for his work either, very imaginative and hell of a story teller.


Do you follow any types of sports if so which ones and what are some of your favorite teams?

AS:  Football. I root for the GreenBay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers & Tennessee Titan.

She was almost the complete perfect girl for me…but the Packers and Steelers…ugh not for this Philly boy.


Do you consider yourself a girly girl or a guy’s girl?

AS:  I’m a guy’s girl. Low maintenance fun to hang out with, low drama, and I don’t cry at movies.

Not even at Titanic?  Hell I cried when they took the pins out the of the map in “Mask”.  I can admit it.


Do you play any games online if so which ones and if you want you can drop your online tag so your fans can chat and game with ya?

AS:  Not a game….but I do love to play online. One on one with my fans via Skype. For sessions email me aurorasnowx@gmail.com



I have heard and read online that you have a lot of projects going on can you tell us a little about them?

Yes, I have quite a few projects in the works right now, but none I can promote at this moment. In another month I’d love to share!

Feel free to share whatever it is you would like with me!  Please share…sharing is caring.


Do you have a website you would like to promote?

AS:  My website is a work in progress www.aurorasnow.com (god would I love a membership to that site!)

Please find me on twitter www.twitter.com/MissAuroraSnow

Be sure and check out my new podcast www.ltaspodcast.com  (also on itunes)

Or feel free to email me at auroarsnowx@gmail.com

Be sure to check out the podcast it reminds me of our time together she is open and honest and gives you a unique perspective on things.


Any chance you are coming near Philadelphia and meeting up with a guy named Kyle who runs a Tech and Gadget website?

AS:  Hopefully! Would love to take up feature dancing again.

Sadly, I meant for dinner.  But I do enjoy her feature dance exhibition.  She gives a hell of a performance on stage and everyone leaves happy.  Somewhat exhausted BUT happy.

So as you can see the lovely Miss Aurora Snow is quite the gal.  She loves old school games, can beat your ass in Wii Sports, is addicted to her Nook and is quite the innovative little castaway.  I implore you to please check out all her links, hit her up on Twitter, and check out her podcast (who knows maybe one day she will give me the chance to work with her again on her podcast).  I always enjoy chatting with her and make sure you check out anything she puts out as I am sure it is quality stuff.